Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Links

Rules: link

  • Once we were young (by Joseph Kaplan): link
  • Free online edition of the YIVO encyclopedia: link
  • Conservative movement struggles over intermarrieds in cemetery: link
  • An illuminating journey through seven centuries: link
  • Orthodox teacher marks 75 years in classroom: link
  • Shaaray Tefilla celebrates a century: link
  • Missionaries in Flatbush: link
  • SALT today: link

  • Thursday
    • US’s ‘Great Recession’ is boon for aliya: link
    • The oldest synagogue in Greece: link
    • In the shadow of Nazi classic, director’s kin speak their minds: link
    • Conversion bill still troubles U.S. Jewish leaders: link

    • SALT today: link

    • Obama, Israel & American Jews: The Challenge—A Symposium: link
    • Jamaican hip-hopper turned Orthodox Jew: A candid talk with Yoseph Robinson: link
    • Israel's ultra-Orthodox turn to consumer clout: link
    • Ask the Rabbi: On being fruitful (I'm hashkafically against contraception during early marriage): link
    • Rav Belsky’s stance on the kashrus of worms in flesh of fish: link
    • Glatt kosher, pasture-raised meat: link
    • SALT today: link
    • The value of the humanities: David Brooks, Stanley Fish
    • Chief Rabbi Metzger: 'No mourning Gaza exit': link
    • State to blame for lack of haredim in workforce: link
    • Quoting biblical verses, man wins a million shekels: link
    • Rabbis without borders: link
    • R. Yisroel Belsky's teshuvah about worms in fish (and see this post: link): link
    • SALT today: link
    • Rubashkin found not guilty in child labor law case: link
    • New issue of Torah U-Mada Journal: link
    • Hooked on gadgets, and paying a mental price: link
    • Boxer with OU tattoo defeats rabbinical student: link
    • At Maimonides 38% of women giving birth are obese: link
    • Genetics & the Jews: link
    • Chosen, but not genius (reminiscent of this post, without the politics: link): link
    • SALT today: link

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