Thursday, June 10, 2010

Audio Roundup XCVII

by Joel Rich
Question: The general rules of “inheritance” of positions (e.g. Rabbi’s son has first rights to father’s position) – AIUI community can “hire” for positions with condition that this preference not apply. Is including such a condition (to paraphrase R’Asher Weiss) against the torah’s will or is the torah indifferent?

Question: According to many, the mitzvah of appointing a king for the first time was linked to “when you want one”. Did HKB”H have a preference for when we should have wanted one? [Note: The immediate stimulus in history seems to have been Shmuel’s son’s lack of popular support for communal leadership due to their actions].

  • Rav Asher Weiss-Aveilus in Sefira & Lo Tisgodedu: link

    (Hebrew) Discussion of prohibition of making sects (agudot = differing practices by differeing subgroups) – is it duraita or drabanan?
    Lag Baomer as a day of chesed – the usual reasons why we celebrate Lag Baomer plus perhaps it was the day that R’Akiva gave smicha to his later students (after the plague), thus day of great joy.
    In today’s world the concerns of “sects” (agudot) do not arise for separate kehilot (e.g. shuls) in the same town but concerns do arise for differing practices in the same shul – one should not deviate from the shul’s practices in a public manner (me – so please don’t do nfilat apayim in my shul or Yom Yerushalayim).

  • Rabbi Shmuel Klammer -Foundations of Midot: Real Change: How?: link

    We need both vhalachta bdrachav (imitato dei) and v’davakta (following role models) to develop middot. Part of a series.

  • Charlie Rose Brain Series- fear and anxiety: link

    Speaking of midot – here’s the next in the Charlie Rose brain series, which indicates that prefrontal cortex manipulation is the focus of baalei mussar.
    Analysis of our immediate reactions to outside stimuli as well as the somewhat delayed associated processed reactions. Also explores the relationship between genetics and cultural influences. Why does psychotherapy (especially behavioral vs. “deep couch”) work better for specific fears while drugs (medicine) work for general fears?
    Why are flies grown in isolation more aggressive than their counter parts?
    Dehumanization takes the brakes off the frontal cortex! Parents really matter (more than rabbeim?)

  • Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler -Horayos Shiur 1 - Introduction to Maseches Horayos: link

    Beginning of June Zman shiur by R’Moshe Tendler.
    Interesting insights on the issue of the “new psak” (egg donor is halachic mother) [vehement disagreement] and R’O Yosef psak methodology [step 1 – find every posek who ever opined].
    Psak has its own methodology very much different from giving a shiur. Bet din pronounced psak in a formal ritualistic way.

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz -Eating Before Davening: link

    Eating (drinking) before shacharit?! Three reasons given, R’Aryeh thinks gaava (hubris) is the main one – discusses practical halachic implications.

  • Rabbi Yehuda Balsam -The Story of Bas Nakdimon ben Gurion part 1: link

    Beginning analysis of Nakdimon Ben Gurion story (from wealth to poverty) given other stories of his righteousness. Good question (because I agree with it?) on our misheberachs and Maharsha’s good insight on people who became wealthy in an inappropriate manner (it’s not a positive – even if they name things after you)

  • Rabbi Yehuda Balsam -tovaa bashuk_ kolanis: link

    Sounds like part of an ongoing series here focusing on “attention grabbing” clothing and actions in the context of the laws of tzniut.

  • Rabbi Gershon Segal-Of Faith and Factories: Kosher Supervision in the 21st Century: link

    Explanation of why all fish oils require supervision.

  • Rabbi David Bistricer-Product Labels: Kashrus Lifeline?: link

    Discussion of halachic status of food package seals and the need thereof.

  • Rav Assaf Bednarsh -Theology #07- Divine Providence and the Natural Order Part 3: link

    A middle of the road – you need (and have) both hasgacha (HKB”H’s intervention) and hishtadlut (your effort). HKB”H channels his intervention through the natural order.

  • Rabbi Jesse Horn =Entering into the secular world: link

    Mussar for M.O. students leaving the womb (hey – if it were easy, we wouldn’t get the schar – kfum tzara agra).

  • Rav Binyamin Tabory-She'elot uTeshuvot - Rav Menachem Kasher - Divrei Menachem: link

    Prodigious author including the Torah Shlaimah, Haggada Shlaimah, Divrei Mnachem… - a Gerrer Chosid who was a Zionist as well.
    Sh”ut on the Manhattan Island Eiruv (OK), Mezuzot on courtyards in Israel (Yes), trumot chiyuv in Jerusalem, Yom Tov sheini in new cities in Eretz Yisrael (didn’t know it was a question?)

  • Rabbi Kenneth Brander-Is All Fair in Love and War? Just & Unjust Wars through the prism of Jewish and Secular Thought: link

    “Just” war in secular (me – if you think Aquinas is secular?) and Jewish thought. Focus on the Rambam requirement of always giving warning and how halacha emcompasses all elements of life/war.

  • Rav Moshe Taragin -Talmud Torah - Can a Person Choose what Field of Torah to Study?: link

    Chumrah as a double edged sword – positive tool and dangerous distraction. You gotta know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em (BTW, I always thought the eitzah – “There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done” is very worthwhile when applied to life/mitzvot as well).

  • Rabbi Shimon Isaacson -Practical Applications of Amira l'akum: link

    Part of a series – some very practical halacha regarding amira l’akum (but why is it seemingly universally assumed that newspapers come from outside the tchum?)

  • Rabbi Assaf Bednarsh -halachot of childbirth: link

    Excellent practical Q&A sessions including (since it’s very l’maaseh I won’t summarize answers) 1) return from false alarm or Shabbat; 2) call if unsure in labor?; 3) who can accompany; 4) how to get to hospital; 5) can you pay driver; 6) ancillary concerns if you drive; 7) turn off car once there?; 8) showering? 9) carrying? 10) type or phone to use; 11) other non Shabbat issues (can you babysit while wife learns?)

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