Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Links

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  • Iraq demands return of its Jewish archive: link
  • Committee approves Jewish Agency move to refocus on Jewish identity: link
  • Buying blue and white: link
  • Haviva Ner-David: Marry privately and don't register with the state: link
  • Donating blood - every drop counts: link
  • SALT today: link

  • Thursday
    • Female rabbis banned, with loophole: link
    • The Ambition Of Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm (1981 article): link
    • Rabbis say no to women rabbas: link
    • Report from third Independent Minyan Conference: link
    • Rabbi's pitch to pope: Use family dinners to defuse abuse crisis: link
    • The dirty truth about Orthodox women rabbis: link
    • iPad Torah scroll: link
    • Quit intimidating Israel's friends: link
    • New book stirs controversy about British chief rabbi: link
    • Life sentence is debated for meat plant ex-chief: link
    • SALT today: link
    • RCA finds consensus for deepening women’s roles: link
    • Full audio of RCA conference call for media: link
    • R. Yitzchok Adlerstein: The day the RCA became Agudah: link
    • A tradition-based ‘No’ to Orthodox female rabbis: link
    • RCA post-convention release: no women rabbis: link
    • RCA's resolutions on women's leadership could prove chilling: link
    • Orthodox rabbis weigh in on professional roles for women: link
    • Rabbinical Council of America: No Female Rabbis, by Any Name: link
    • RCA issues weak consensus on women’s ordination, avoids condemning Avi Weiss: link
    • RCA resolution says women can’t be ordained as rabbis: link
    • SALT today: link
    • Gedolim sign letter against worms in fish: link
    • R. Yitzchok Adlerstein: Let’s not institutionalize mediocrity: link
    • School choice and the limits of liberal Jewish compassion: link
    • Positively Jewish: Great Britain's chief rabbi calls for a Judaism unafraid to engage with the world: link
    • Marine Park yeshiva ain’t kosher: link
    • Rabbinate torn between state, halacha: link
    • SALT today: link
    • Another perspective on the campaign for leniency on Rubashkin: link
    • After Madoff, AJC looks for merger: link
    • NYT on Jewish Review of Books: link
    • Hershel Herskowitz Challenges the Lakewood Machine: link
    • R. Yitzchok Adlerstein: Of Rabas and Maharats: link
    • Shira Schmidt: Gender Agenda of the RCA: link
    • SALT today: link

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