Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rav Chesed

Here is the table of contents for the new two-volume festschrift for R. Haskel Lookstein, Rav Chesed: Essays in Honor of Rabbi Dr. Haskel Lookstein:

  • Editor's Note - Rafael Medoff
  • Introduction - Eli Wiesel
  • Foreword - Natan Sharansky
  • Citation - Richard M. Joel
  • There Never Again Rose a Prophet Like Moses: Except Perhaps Ezekiel? - Hayyim Angel
  • זרמים ביהדות ואיחודם - הרב שלמה אבינר
  • Abraham: Pioneer Religious Educator, Paradigm for Contemporary Teachers of Judaism - Yaakov Bieler
  • "The Hair of a Woman is Erotic:" An Explanation of the Contemporary Practice of Many Married Orthodox Women Not to Cover their Hair - Michael J. Broyde

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  • I Do? Consent And Coercion in Sexual Relations - Mark Dratch
  • Tradition at the Cusp of Modernity: A Sermon by Rabbi Jonathan Eybeschutz - Adam S. Ferziger
  • For This Very Time: Parshat Zachor and Purim for Orthodox and Nono-Orthodox Jews in 21st-Century America - Sylvia Barack Fishman
  • The Gardener of East of Eden - David C. Flatto
  • Bringing the "Russians" Back In: The Ambiguities of Rejoining the Jewish World - Zvi Gitelman
  • Helping Students Find Their Own Voice in Tefilla: A Conceptual Framework for Teachers - Jay Goldmintz
  • American Orthodoxy in the 1950s: The Lean Years - Lawrence Grossman
  • Devotees and Deviants: A Primer on the Religious Values of Orthodox Day School Families - Jeffrey S. Gurock
  • Father and Sons: The French Rothschilds and the Yishuv - Jonathan Helfand
  • From the Rav's Pen: Selected Letters of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik - Nathaniel Helfgot
  • Gersonides on Immortality - Arthur Hyman
  • The Political Consequences of Trivializing the Holocaust - Gilbert Kahn
  • A King Like Nobody Else's: Parshat Ha-Melech as a Primer for Parents and Educators - Jeffrey Kobrin
  • Educating the "New" Jewish Woman: Nation Building, Social Change, and Ethnicity in Vocational Schools for Jewish Women in Palestine, 1911-1914 - Rebecca Kobrin
  • The Rise and Fall of the Progressive Talmud Torah: The Central Jewish Institute and Interwar American Jewish Identity - Jonathan Krasner
  • Are Women "Lightheaded"? Three Troublesome Passages in Halakhic Literature - Norman Lamm
  • ארבעה צריכין חזוק ואלו הן: תורה ומעשים טובים, תפילה ודרך ארץ - ד"ר בריינה יוכבד לוי

  • Talmud and Ma'asseh in Pirkei Avot - Aharon Lichtenstein
  • Standing Up Against Holocaust Deniers: A Memoir from David Irving v. Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt - Deborah Lipstadt
  • Dayeinu - Haskel Lookstein
  • Sephardi Traditionalism in Ceremonial Art and Visual Culture - Vivian B. Mann
  • Meeting Again (and Again): Reading Pinkhos Curgin's Essay Seventy-Five Years Later - Peter N. Miller
  • Is Coca-Cola Kosher? Rabbi Tobias Geffen and the History of American Orthodoxy - Adam Mintz
  • Middle Eastern Antisemitism: Indigenous Affliction or Imported Plague? - Michael Oren
  • Compulsion or Choice? The Jewish War and the Problem of "Necessity" according to Josephus - Jonathan J. Price
  • A Man of Egypt Becomes A Man of God: Examining the Relationship Between Moses and Yitro - Sandra E. Rapoport
  • Correcting the Ba'al Koreh: Punctilious Performance vs. Public Embarrassment - Moshe Rosenberg
  • The Halakhah According to B'nai B'rith - Jonathan Sarna
  • Tikkun Olam: Defining the Jewish Obligation - Jacob J. Schacter
  • בגדר קדושת ישראל - הרב צבי שכטר
  • To be German and Jewish: Hermann Cohen and Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch - Meir Soloveichik
  • The Right of Others to Think Differently from Us - Joseph Telushkin
  • Becoming Human: What's in a Name? - Shera Aranoff Tuchman
  • קבע בתפילה הערות על מושג הקביעות בפרק ד' של מס' ברכות - הרלן ג'יי ווכסלר
  • Nationa as Family: The Key to Redemption in Tanakh - Avraham Weiss
  • Law and Narrative in the Book of Ruth - Avivah Zornberg
  • On Sunday the Rabbi Stayed for Bensching - Joshua Lookstein
  • Rav Chesed: The Life and Times of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein - Rafael Medoff (yes, the entire softcover biography)
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