Friday, June 26, 2009

Audio Roundup XLVII

by Joel Rich

  • Rabbi Menachem Nissel - America Without Compromising: link

    Opening – don’t listen to Rabbis back home who tell you that you have to adjust which he defines as compromising – swing back to middle.
    Know your enemy (the environment = “out country” {for non-Vietnam era readers – that’s the opposite of “in-country” – in this context Rome vs. Jerusalem [for Zionist history buffs]}, have a plan and have guts.
    The plan 1) your room should be a makom kadosh; 2) have a good chaver; 3) keep Shabbat spiritually too; 4) have a Rav; 5) start and end each day with learning; 6) have kviut in learning; 7) have a bet medrash.
    Can’t argue with the plan but one might walk away thinking that a 19-year old who spent a year completely in learning on someone else’s dime will never have to make any adjustments. V’ein kan makom l haarech – but we can in the comments if you like.

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  • Aviva Bieler-similarity between uncertainty of reality in physics, and in halacha: link

    Dedicated by me to Professor Gerald Lambeau, in a certain way my soul mate – can anyone guess why?
    Hint: Good Will Hunting

    How to understand Tanur Shel achnai; (my summary)
    1. Sociological – need for central order overrides need for absolute truth.
    2. Legal – Absolute truth only exists when bet din decides it
    3. Physics – Truth is a probability distribution function which quantum physics tells us is resolved by our observation.

  • Dr. Yael Ziegler - Eicha and the Power of Biblical Poetry: link

    Interesting insights to the uninitiated (meaning me) on the use of biblical poetry.

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz - Contemporary Case Studies in Lashon Ha'Ra: link

    Some practical Shailot. Can a rabbi ask talmidim to tattle on each other? R’MF – no, it’s teaching Lashon hara (unless 100% Lshem Shamayim), R. Sternbuch disagrees – you can explain the specifics to talmidim.
    Can a rabbi give a meshulach names? Yes.
    Question (me): What if Baalei Batim specifically ask not to be exposed?

  • Rabbi Eli Ozarowski - The Yad Binyamin Stimulus Package-Business Ethics Halacha-Maaser Kesafim: link

    Good basics – some specifics on calc’s and what you can use $ for.

  • Rabbi Barry Freundel - Today's Health Care System: A Halakhic and Jewish Historical Perspective: link

    Survey of Jewish sources on permission to heal, doctors fees and resource allocation.

  • Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein - Kodshim in the Rav's Perspective: link

    R’A Lichtenstein on R’YBS. The title is not expressive of the power of the presentation. Kodshim within Brisk as representative of true “Ishma” learning and as the “Hakrava”, drawing near, that HKB”H wants of us per R’YBS – giving and sacrifice.

  • Rabbi Reuven Ziegler - Self Creation and Self Return-The Rav and Rav Kook on Teshuva: link

    R’Kook and R’YBS from similar background. Yet, R’Kook focused on the mystical and R’YBS on the halachic tradition. Both were dialectical thinkers. R’Kook synthesized the dialectic and viewed tshuva as a perfection of one’s inner self; R’YBS lived with the dialectic and viewed Tshuva as remaking oneself.
    Fascinating insight into R’YBS’s experience of illness and the impact on his thought.

  • Rabbi Eli Ozarowski - The Yad Binyamin Stimulus Package-Business Ethics & Halacha-Part VII:Idling during work time: link

    How hard do you have to work for your employer? What breaks can you take? Can you use office supplies? Answer – it depends on the employer’s Employee Value Proposition [me – I make a living from such things as EVP’s!]

  • Rabbi Michael Rosensweig - Parshas Shelach: Was the land's reconnaissance doomed to fail or doomed through failure?: link

    Sometimes you have to give people a chance to fail.

  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb - Where is Avram Going?: link

    Not just to a physical place but spiritual journey as well. Why didn’t HKB”H tell him where to go? (or did he?). If not, how did he know? R’YBS on Abraham demonstrating the Jews native attraction to kedusha and Jerusalem being the lodestone. [country roads take me home, to the place I belong]

  • Rabbi Ari Zahtz - Parshas Naso To be a Nazir or not to be: link

    Torah’s seeming ambivalence? It’s a tool for self-control (me – not an extra credit project).

  • Rabbi Michael Taubes - Reading from a Torah That is Posul Elsewhere: link

    If an error in one of the five books of Moses, can you still use that scroll for reading in a different book? (maybe)

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon - 18 B'Inyan Nichum Aveilim: link

    Discussion of the basics. Nice insight from R’YBS on communal vs. individual responsibilities.

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky - Halachot of the 'Three Weeks' (Shaving, Music, and Parties) - Part 1: link

    Review of some of the basics. Interesting thoughts on general issue of do we say shechiyanu today on fruits or clothes (me – I guess that one isn’t inherent in the briah). Also, Brisker kula on not fasting based on we’re all like choleh shein bo sakana and why we can’t rely on it without accepting Brisker chumrot (me – I guess this one is inherent in the briah, or is it an argument (gasp!) in mitziut?)

  • Rabbi Ari Kahn - Yom Yerushalayim: link

    The God, mashiach ben Yosef and Yerushalayim. R’Kahn was very enthusiastic about these insights.

  • Rabbi M Taragin - Avot 8: link

    R’Akiva’s message – the dynamic tension of the universal and particular messages of Judaism.

  • אגדות חלק #08, מאת הרב עזרא ביק - עולם הבא ותחיית המתים: link

    Yetzer hara – is it mans’ primary nature? Nature of the world to come.

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