Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Periodical: Jewish Bible Quarterly XXXVII:1 (145)

New issue of Jewish Bible Quarterly, XXXVI, no. 4 (144):

  • Prophecy as Potential: The Consolations of Isaiah 1-12 in Context by R. Hayyim Angel - Overview of the first 12 chapters of Isaiah and a discussion of the commentarial view regarding whether the prophecies were short-term or messianic. I wonder if the view in Arakhin 33a that Jeremiah returned the 10 tribes is relevant.
  • The Menorah Psalm by Dr. Shuber Spero - An analysis of Psalm 67 that shows how the structure of the song resembles a menorah and searches for meaning in this comparison.
  • Ecclesiastes, Fleeting and Timeless: Part II by Ethan Dor-Shav - A continuation of his exploration of the meaning of the word "hevel" in Ecclesiastes.

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  • Lord Byron's Midrashic Lyrics: Part I: Saul and Others by Prof. Dan Vogel - A discussion of great English poetry about the Bible.
  • The Real "Suffering Servant": Decoding a Controversial Passage in the Bible by Mordecai Schreiber - Assumes that Isaiah was written by two authors, and the second was a student of Jeremiah. Then argues that the "suffering servant" in Isaiah 53 refers to Jeremiah.
  • Jonah the Rebellious Prophet: A Look at the Man Behind the Prophecy Based on Biblical and Rabbinic Sources by Raphael Shuchat - An excellent portrait of Jonah's life and motivations based on the Bible and Chazal.
  • Spirit is Thicker Than Blood by R. Jacob Chinitz - Shows the supremacy in the Bible of spiritual kinship over familial bonds.
  • Jephthah's Daughter by Dr. Moshe Reiss - An overview of the commentarial approaches to Yiftach's daughter (did he kill her?) and their connection to Christian trends.
Instructions on finding back issues of the journal are here: link

UPDATE: Note that the post originally had an offer for free subscriptions. To the journal's surprise, they have been overwhelmed with requests and may not be able to accommodate everyone. I apologize if anyone is left out.

Anyone who has a Brooklyn Public Library card or NY Public Library Card (not to mention university accounts) can read issues of the JEWISH BIBLE QUARTERLY for free (online) by logging in to their accounts and accessing EBSCOnet (the library may have another name for it).

Many large public libraries have access to this database of academic journals.

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