Friday, December 19, 2008

New Periodical: Jewish Bible Quarterly XXXVI:4

Relatively new issue of Jewish Bible Quarterly, XXXVI, no. 4 (144):

  • Ecclesiastes, Fleeting and Timeless: Part I by Ethan Dor-Shav - Establishing the meaning of the word "hevel" based on the story of Kayin and Hevel (Cain and Abel)
  • Two Hymns to Wisdom: Proverbs 8 and Job 28 by Shimon Bakon - What does "wisdom" mean in the Bible?
  • The Covenant Between the Parts by Jed H. Abraham - Attempting to reconstruct the history of the fulfillment in Egypt of God's promise to Avraham
  • Rebekah's Hoax by Dr. Guy Matalon - Exploring Rivkah's motivations in deceiving Yitzchak
  • Remembering Amalek Twice by R. Allan Langer - Arguing that there were two run-ins with Amalek in the desert
  • Ruth: The Legal Code for the Laws of Kindness by Dr. Russell Jay Hendel - Reading the halakhos of chessed from the book of Rus
  • Blood Feud by Gerardo Sachs - Seeing the law of go'el ha-dam (blood avenger) in the context of the Ancient Near East, arguing that it sought to tone it down
  • Jacob and the Spotted Sheep: The Role of Prenatal Nutrition on Epigenetics of Fur Color by Dr. Joshua Backon - Suggestion of a scientific explanation for Ya'akov's success with the spotted sheep
  • The 45th Annual International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth by Joshua Adler - A report on the Chidon Ha-Tanakh
Let me add that one of the people invovled in the publication of this journal informed me that articles outside the bounds of Orthodox Jewish beliefs are not accepted. You can obtain a free subscription by sending your full name and mailing address to Dr. Josh Backon.

You can find back issues of the journal in the following way:

Click here to read moreApart from the 24-year index of the Jewish Bible Quarterly appearing on its Internet website you may wish to take advantage of the Internet and access the RAMBI database at the Jewish National and University Library (JNUL) at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and search every back issue of the Jewish Bible Quarterly since Volume 1, 1972 by keyword, author or book of the Bible. The URL is: http://JNUL.HUJI.AC.IL/RAMBI Click on RAMBI WEB. At the prompt, type in the keyword (which can be the name of an author, a topic or book of the Bible) followed by "Jewish Bible Quarterly" in parentheses. Since the journal was titled DOR LE DOR from Volumes 1 - 17, you will need to repeat your search above using keyword + "DOR LE DOR". The search type should be KEYWORDS ANYWHERE. Should you wish to narrow down your search, use the ADVANCED SEARCH option. Be aware that since each issue is indexed manually by professional librarians, there may be a 7-8 month time lag from the date of issue until the articles are indexed. Very rarely an article is skipped or missed.

If one is simply interested in checking the updated Table of Contents of a specific issue, one can access
WWW.INGENTACONNECT.COM/content/docdel/4668.351280 for free. One can also purchase online any article that has appeared since Volume 1. Their website is tricky. Only use their homepage to search for topics (not for author or journal title). However, in contradistinction to RAMBI, only words in the title are indexed. Use FAX/ARIEL only.

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