Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Announcements #056: WebYeshiva This Sunday - Rosh HaShana Learning

Join WebYeshiva Online This Sunday for Inspirational Rosh HaShana Learning

Join WebYeshiva online for a day of inspirational learning in honor of Rosh HaShana - Sunday, September 28th. During the course of the day, there will be 8 fully interactive, live, online shiurim given by WebYeshiva's renowned teachers. Each online class lasts 1 hour.

Click here to learn moreRabbi Gavriel Pransky / 10:00am Israel time / 3:00am NY time
Apples, Honey and Fish Heads: The Kavana of Rosh HaShana Dinner

Rabbi Asher Meir / 11:30am Israel time / 4:30am NY time
Visiting Graves before Rosh HaShana:
Communing with the Soul Above or the Body Below?

Rabbi Stuart Fischman / 1:00pm Israel time / 6:00am NY time
What is the Mitzva of Shofar?

Dr. Yoel Finkelman / 5:00pm Israel time / 10:00am NY time
The Inevitable Failure of Teshuva

Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky / 9:30pm Israel time / 2:30pm NY time
The "Famous Rambam" That Never Was & The Secret Message of the Shofar

Rabbi Yitzhak Zuriel / 11:30pm Israel time / 4:30pm NY time
HaMelech: The High Holiday Tefillah Adjustments

Rabbi Avi Weinstein September 29th 4:00am Israel time / September 28th 9:00pm NY time
The Complexity of a Simple Sound

Rabbi Chaim Brovender September 29th 5:30am Israel time / September 28th 10:30pm NY time
Blowing the Shofar - Highest of the High

Step #1: Go to
Step #2: Click on the link "Free Yom Iyun on Rosh HaShana"
Step #3: Click on "Login as a guest"
Step #4: On the top left hand box, entitled "Next class", Please enter your first and last name in the "Name" form field and click "Join Now". This option will only appear 15 minutes before the commencement of each shiur.
(Note: You must have your microphone, head phones, and/or webcam plugged in before you click on "Join Class")
Step #5: If this is your first time logging in to a class at WebYeshiva you will have to go through a onetime 5 minute setup process (click here for simple instructions which detail that process).
Step #6: Click YES when asked if you want to join the Integrated VoIP Conference.
Note: Archived shiurim will be available following each class (usually within a few hours of the shiur). You can view these archives regardless of whether or not you attended the shiur.

(Announce your simchah or Torah lectures by clicking on the button in the top right corner of Hirhurim. See here for readership statistics and here for instructions on buying an announcement.)

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