Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Periodical: Emor 1

I received the first issue of a new journal called Emor that is in Italian and English (each article is in both languages). The journal is published by the students of R. Haim Baharier of Milan, of whom I have never heard. If I had to pigeon-hole the journal into a category I would call it Left Wing Modern Orthodox, but not in a radical, religiously offensive way. More in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious way, with lots of philosophical lingo tossed around. Here is a list of articles:

  • Presentation of Emor (Presentazione Emor) - A statement of purpose for the journal, that "observance of the Law must proceed together with constant attention to the sphere of human sensitivity" and we must be guided by the principles of "what is fair and good in the eyes of Hashem".
  • The Shabbath: Overview of Haim Baharier's Thinking on the Subject (Lo Shabbat: Sintesi di un Percorso di Pensiero Elaborato da Haim Baharier) by Rosa Bani - A description of the philosophical significance of various aspects of Shabbos.
  • Halakha and Posekim: Review: Friendly Halakha and the Friendly Poseq of Rav Prof. Daniel Sperber (The Edah Journal 5:2, 2006) (Halakha e Posekim: Recensione: Friendly Halakha and the Friendly Poseq di Rav Prof. Daniel Sperber) by Zvi Blechstein - A summary of Prof. Sperber's article.
  • On Democracy (Sulla Democrazia) by Edoardo J. Fuchs - An expansion of the ideas and sources of this Hirhurim post (link), which is better than the post but unfortunately turns an ambiguous and misleading comment into an express error (R. Sol Roth does not quote R. Shlomo Goren).
  • Some Observations on Limud Torah Lenashim (Spunti di Riflessione sul Limud Tora Lenashim) by Rosa Banin - A review of the sources regarding the advanced study of Torah by women.
  • What is Bema'aglei Tzedek (Che cose Bema'agle Tzedek) by Miriam Camerini (extracts from Bema'aglei Tzedek website) - Description of the agenda of religious social action organization Bema'aglei Tzedek.
  • Social Kashrut (Kashrut Sociale) by Rabbi Avi Gisser (extracted from Bema'aglei Tzedek website) - A religious explanation of the social activist agenda of Bema'aglei Tzedek.

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