Thursday, March 13, 2008

Conversion Consensus III

From the RCA website (link):

The RCA Supports all Valid Past Conversions by its Members

Mar 11, 2008 -- The Rabbinical Council of America wishes to state for the record, and for the express purpose of preventing needless anguish on the part of many genuine converts, whom the Torah commands us to love and respect, the following:

Click here to read moreThe RCA/GPS (Geirus Policies and Standards) Protocol for Conversions relates to future converts and conversions. All those who were converted properly in the past according to the dictates of Halacha should be aware that the status of their conversions is unchanged and is not subject to any reevaluation.

Public written statements over the last few days have raised questions regarding the status of conversions performed by RCA rabbis in the past, and whether all such converts would be subject to special re-evaluation or scrutiny by the RCA or by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate. There is nothing in the RCA/GPS protocol for conversions that implies or states such a thing, and there was and is no intention to review or scrutinize, much less nullify, previous conversions.

All conversions performed by RCA member rabbis that were considered valid in the past will continue to be considered valid in the future.
And see this article by R. Steven Pruzansky in The Jewish Press (link):
Myth: The GPS calls for the re-evaluation of all conversions done in the past by RCA rabbis. This is an especially despicable falsehood, as it serves only to make generations of converts in the Jewish community anxious about their status and acceptance in the community at large. The reality is that not one past geirus is being reviewed by the RCA or its Beth Din of America, and such was never contemplated. To even suggest otherwise is to blatantly violate the Torah's numerous admonitions against tormenting the ger.

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