Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Torah and Popular Culture II

In a post back when today's college freshmen were still high school sophomores, I wrote about whether the idea of Torah U-Mada also applies to popular culture (link). My conclusion: "It is my belief that Torah Im Derekh Eretz (which Dr. Lamm classifies as a form of Torah U-Mada) includes contemporary popular culture."

The latest issue of Kol Ha-Mevaser (link) has a symposium on this topic. I haven't read all of the articles, but R. Dani Rapp seems to get it (link), R. Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff doesn't seem to understand the question (link), and Chana Wiznitzer is totally into it (link).

(Regarding the above image, it was created by Aish for an article on their website based on a post of mine.)

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