Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Announcements #001

  • WANTED: Copy (any condition) of Lying for Truth: Understanding Yaakov's Deception of Yitzchak (Targum Press 1996), by Rabbi Natan Slifkin. Will pay $250 delivered. Contact this e-mail address.

  • A new issue of The Commentator has hit the stands:

  • Torah in Motion - Renewing Our Spirit Conference Nov 3-4. Save the date.
    • On and Off the Derech: Why Children Become Alienated from Judaism - And what to do about it
    • G-d's Pattern: Loving and Living with a Special Needs Child
    • Who Becomes a Jew? The Conversion Debate
    • Frum and Female: The Interaction of Psychology and Religion in the Lives of Girls
    • And more

    • More details and registration: here

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