Monday, January 30, 2006

Permission from the Woman of the House II

(following up on this old post)

I took a peek in R. Shlomo Riskin's new bentcher, Around the Family Table, and he added in a parenthetical request for permission from the woman of the house.

And, a commenter reported in the name of R. Hershel Schachter:

R' Schachter in a shailos and teshuvos this past shabbos felt that if it will make the ba'alas habayis feel better and/or she'll feel insulted otherwise so then u can say bi'reshut ha ba'alat ha'bayit
While this is second-hand, and R. Schachter has in the past been grossly misrepresented from just such question and answer sessions (who remembers the women's ordination issue from around 1990?), this seems like a very plausible report. It's a pointless and mistaken practice, but don't cause a scene in someone's house.

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