Thursday, May 19, 2005

Reb Hillel Responds

Yes, the saga continues. First, R. Yitz Greenberg wrote an article in The Commentator attempting to clarify events that occurred almost 40 years ago. Then, R. Aharon Lichtenstein wrote a response to the article, ostensibly to set the record straight. Now, R. Hillel Goldberg, the author of the controversial 1966 interview with R. Greenberg and one of the two people behind the YU effort to preserve damaged books in the JTS library, has written a detailed letter to The Commentator, disputing many of R. Greenberg's points.

Unfortunately, this entire episode has gotten ugly and personal, something that I am sure dismays all of the participants. This issue also has two letters from R. Greenberg, one in response to R. Lichtenstein and another in response to R. Goldberg. I recommend that everyone skip those to avoid the personal issues, and focus on R. Goldberg's fascinating historical account.

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