Sunday, June 27, 2010

Comments Update

As many of you know, the comments on old posts have disappeared since the switch to Disqus commenting. After a great deal of effort, it is now clear that they cannot be transferred. That leaves us with few options. Here are my plans, although I am open to suggestions.

I want to move this entire blog onto a Wordpress platform that uses Wordpress comments going forward. Old comments, however, cannot be transferred there. The old posts will remain here with all of the old comments. I want each post to have Disqus comments inside the post and a link to a pop-up window with JS-Kit (=Haloscan) comments. That way, all the comments, both from the days of Haloscan and JS-Kit and from the days of Disqus, will be preserved.

Right now, I don't know how to do that. I have a programmer trying to figure it out. If it turns out to be impossible, my inclination is to revert to JS-Kit to preserve 5-1/2 years of comments even if it means losing the last few months of Disqus comments. In fact, I'd like to switch back immediately so all comments over the next few weeks -- until we move to Wordpress -- are in JS-Kit.

What do you all think? These are your comments as well, so please let share your opinions.

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