Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Charity Today

The latest Orthodox Forum book was published: Toward a Renewed Ethic of Jewish Philanthropy (YU Press, 2010), Yossi Prager ed.: link. I was at this Orthodox Forum and remember some good arguments. Here is the table of contents:

    Part 1: Sociology and History
  • Philanthropic Behavior of Orthodox Households by Jacob B. Ukeles
  • For the Poor and the Stranger: Fundraisers' Perspectives on Orthodox Philanthropy by Margy-Ruth Davis and Perry Davis
  • American Jewish Philanthropy, Direct Giving, and the Unity of the Jewish Community by Chaim I. Waxman
  • Public Charity in Medieval Germany: A Preliminary Investigation by Judah Galinsky
  • Jewish Philanthropy in Early Modern and Modern Europe: Theory and Practice in Historical Perspective by Jay Berkovitz
  • Part 2: Orthodoxy and Federations
  • Bound with Unseverable Bonds: The Orthodox Jew and the Jewish Community by Barry Shrage
  • Orthodox Involvement in Jewish Communal Philanthropy by Marvin Schick
  • Orthodoxy and Jewish Federations: Reflections from "Out-of-Town" by Michael Berger
  • Part 3: Halachic Perspectives
  • Jewish Philanthropy--Whither? by Aharon Lichtenstein
  • Our Poor and Their Poor: Philosophical Reflections by Baruch Brody
  • The Giving of Charity in Jewish Law: For What Purpose and Toward What Goal? by Michael J. Broyde
  • Think Local, Act Global: Tzedaka in a Global Society by Ozer Glickman
  • Ethics in Philanthropy: Should Synagogues and Mosdot Chinuch Accept Tainted Funds? by Kenneth Brander
  • Part 4: Contemporary Philanthropy
  • New Thinking for a Changing Philanthropic Climate by Mark Charendoffand Yossi Prager
  • Part 5: The Role of Rabbi As Fundraiser
  • The Role of the Rabbi in the Fiscal Health of His Congregation by Haskel Lookstein
On the topic of contemporary philanthropy, see this interesting essay about Jewish giving today by the president of the Steinhardt Foundation: link.

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