Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekly Links

Rules: link

  • Facing financial, identity crises, JTS to reorient historic mission: link
  • Ex-Charedim challenge school system: link
  • Artscroll, Inc.: link
  • Founder of Jews for J dies: link
  • Fascinating related site Ex-Jews for J: link
  • First woman CEO of a major Jewish federation: link
  • SALT today: link

  • Tuesday
    • David Brooks: On the Upper West Side: link
    • The failure of the American Jewish establishment: link
    • OU IPA reaction to the article: link
    • R. Yisroel Belsky on worms in fish: link
    • Pol Position: How a Soloveichik landed in Pennsylvania's Senate race: link
    • Report reveals stagnation in country’s conversion mechanisms: link
    • Israelis exploring other aspects of Judaism: link
    • Brooklyn’s oldest Orthodox synagogue celebrates 141st birthday: link
    • SALT today: link
    • R. Efrem Goldberg on meeting with top White House aides: link (PDF)
    • A Jewish Nobel Prize? (You mean it isn't already Jewish?): link
    • Tebah - Shabuot Reader: link (PDF)
    • Is the Areivim "Life Insurance" program actuarially sound? (doesn't look like it to me): link
    • YU's Shavuot-to-Go: link
    • Captivated by the Dead Sea Scrolls: link
    • The Case for a Jewish Snopes: link
    • Violent Haredi riots over relocation of ancient graves: link
    • Pirate Ashkenazi schools (the more I read about this, the less it seems like discrimination rather than elitism against those with non-religious relatives): link
    • "Shiksa" as a hate crime category: link
    • Noam Chomsky denied entry to Israel: link
    • UJA budget and fundraising numbers: link
    • SALT today: link

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