Monday, May 17, 2010

New Periodical: Kol Hamevaser 3:7

There is a new issue of Kol Hamevaser: The Jewish Thought Magazine of the Yeshiva University Student on the topic of "Halakhah and Minhag." The whole issue is available here: link. Also, those who would like to subscribe to automatically receive a PDF version of new editions of the paper should send an e-mail to If you wish to receive a hard copy of the paper for the price of shipping and handling, please e-mail them your contact information and home address.

  • Aseh Lekha Rav: Opening Channels of Communication to Stern Students by Chana Cooper
  • Degrees of Separation: A Farewell to Yeshiva College by Seth Herstic
  • Kol Hamevaser: Creating a Torah Community by Jonathan Ziring
  • History and Liturgy: The Evolution of Multiple Prayer Rites by Dr. Lawrence H. Schiffman
  • Ha-Mahamir, Mah Tavo Alav?: Religious Stringencies and their Psychological Considerations by Shlomo Zuckier
  • Minhag and Halakhah in the Talmuds: A Cross-Cultural Study by Rabbi Dr. Richard Hidary
  • Collective Memory and Haroset by Daniel Fridman
  • Halakhah: More than Just Exegesis by Jonathan Ziring
  • The Synthesis of Heritage and Personal Innovation by Ariel Pinn
  • An Interview with Rabbi Hershel Schachter by Staff
  • Creativity, Not Formalism: Towards a Survey of Rav Yoel Bin-Nun's Halakhic Methodology by Shlomo Zuckier
  • An Interview with Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks by Shlomo Zuckier
  • A Yid iz Geglichn tzu a Seyfer Toyre by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
  • The Forgotten Torah by Periel Shapiro

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