Thursday, May 06, 2010

Announcements #153: Six Kosher DVD's

GET AN ENTERTAINING KOSHER EDUCATION in the convenience of your home, synagogue or school with these six invaluable DVD's:

  • KOSHERKIDZ Takes children on an engaging tour through the basics of kosher certification
  • THE KOSHER FISH PRIMER Show kosher consumers the ins and outs of identifying kosher fish
  • KOSHER BIRDS: WHO ARE THEY? Show kosher consumers the ins and outs of identifying kosher birds
  • KOSHER MEAT: UNEXPLORED FRONTIERS WITH RABBI YISROEL BELSKY Elucidates how the laws of kashrut interface with the biology of animals and kosher meat preparation
  • INSECT-FREE: A GUIDE TO HOME VEGETABLE INSPECTION in which viewers are guided expertly in the fine art of ensuring that their vegetables are kosher.
  • WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS CHICKEN A practical guide to identifying the kashrus red-flags related to raw chicken.
To purchase the NEW What's Wrong with this Chicken DVD at $10 or the entire set at $40, or to request an "OU Kosher Coming" program for your school, synagogue or community - contact

OU Kosher - Live & in Person!!
Distribution of these educational DVD's serves as one of the many ways that OU Kosher is reaching Out to the public. OU Kosher's educational programs also include the popular OU Kosher Coming project, which sends the OU's Rabbinic Coordinators to schools, synagogues, college campuses and communirties -- enlightening thousands With their vast knowledge of halacha and technology.

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