Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Announcements #152: Casting for Feature Film

Casting for Feature Film

We are casting for a feature film that will be filmed in July of this Summer. Many of the roles for the film are Orthodox Jewish roles. No acting experience necessary. We actually prefer real Rabbi's and Yeshiva boys to try out for the roles. It will be an amazing experience and an important film about race and heritage.

Looking For:

  • 4 Orthodox Jewish boys (12 yr olds) * Lead Roles
  • Jewish man (40’s) Rabbi / Teacher at a middle school Yeshiva
  • Jewish man (60’s) Rebbe at a Yeshiva
  • Jewish girl (10) Independent, outspoken girl
  • Jewish man (40’s) Orthodox Father, Banker
  • Jewish woman (40’s) Orthodox House Wife, married to Jewish Man.
We will be holding an open casting at the Bais Yaakov 4419 18th av. Email davidthemovie@gmail.com or call 912.596.7507 to schedule an appointment.

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