Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RCA Resolutions

  • Dialogue and Partnering with the Greater Orthodox Organizational World: link
  • Supporting Operation Cast Lead and Opposing the Goldstone Report: link
  • Condemning and Combating Child Abuse: link
  • Expressing Concern and Developing Sensitivity for Disaster Victims: link
  • Exercising Care When Interacting With General Society: link
  • Supporting and Defending Converts: link
  • Extending the Ethical Guidelines Initiative to Businesses Beyond: link
  • Assisting Rabbis in Difficult Employment Situations: link
  • Post-High School Torah Study in Israel: link
  • Preserving Jewish Religious Sites in the Land of Israel: link
  • Avowing the Religious and Historical Significance of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel: link
  • Women's Communal Roles in Orthodox Jewish Life: link

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