Thursday, April 08, 2010

Audio Roundup LXXXVIII

by Joel Rich

Do you know of any shuls where they switch the shliach tzibbur within the same weekday shacharit even if there is no chiyuv (e.g. “share the wealth”)? Isn’t the switch less than appropriate based on why the talmud suggests removing one?

  • Rabbi Jeffrey Saks -Mishnah Format: link

    Part of a series. Interesting comments on knowledge organization in general and in the mishnah and how the Talmud built on that. Nice R’YBS insight on mesechet Avot not requiring “solutions”.
  • Rav Belsky and Rav Schachter-PRE PESACH WEBCAST: link

    R’Belsky and Schachter on a lot of Pesach topics. No need to be OCD! Halachic history of selling chametz gamur and whiskey in particular. R’Belsky seems to suggest individuals not to use it if you can avoid it (it has become 3rd leg of biur!). R’Belsky seems to suggest only buying after Pesach (for quite some time) from Jewish stores who sold chametz since how stores may have bought from Jewish distributors. Wine and matzah types and preferences discussed.

  • Rabbi Dr. Jacob J Schacter -Facing Tension and Uncertainty: God, Israel and the Pesach Seder: link

    Seder focus on centrality of our total reliance on HKB”H.
  • Mrs. Leah Herzog -Family Systems in Breishit - Models of Marriage: link

    Avraham/Sarah – Constructive conflict. Yitzchak/Rivkah – he’s philosopher/thinker, she’s grounded. Rachel/Yaakov – power of romantic love. Each relationship works on its own terms (as each must).
  • מחשבת הלכה #10, מאת הרב חיים נבון - שיעור אחרון - בין נבואה להלכה: link

    Last in the series. Discussion of the interplay of prophecy and halacha. Rambam – separate, R’Yehuda Halevi – more in the “divine assistance camp”. Implications for issue of Baal Tosif [me – the issue of “Ruach Hakodesh” and “Hashraat Shechina” and its relation to a posek’s lev shel torah (gut feel?)]
  • Rav Asher Weiss- Kitniyos: link

    Is it a gzeirah (not technically so since no formal gzeirot after time of gaonim – although term was used) or concern for kitniyot flour actually getting mixed in? Implications!
    Discussion of kitniyot oil, popcorn (should be allowed?!) and quiona (he disagrees with R’Moshe on no “new” additions to kitniyot list).
    Money quote: “Everything is more mehudar today except the people”
  • Rav Binyamin Tabory-She'elot uTeshuvot Rav Waldenberg - Tzitz Eliezer: link

    Biography of the Tzitz Eliezer. Positive approach to the State of Israel – wrote a book hilchot medinah on the topic. Discussion of tax apportionment based on Talmudic sources, strikes and mourning for presumed dead.
  • Chief Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks -The Synthesis of Torah and Chochma: link

    Torah goes from universal (Adam) to particular (Avraham) and recognizes revelation (torah) and reason (chohmah). We seem to have lost, to a great extent, our ability to identify with the outside world of chochma. (me – and imho, we’ve lost a lot of insight into Torah because of this condition)
  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky -Tefillin on Chol Hamoed: link

    Wearing tfillin at night? Yom tov? Chol hamoed? Is it a function of whether mlacha is prohibited or perhaps the Zohar? Detailed discussion of opinions!
  • Rabbi Menachem Leibtag -Haggadah: Educating our Children on Yetziat Mitzrayim: link

    Pshat review of the mitzvah of sippur yetziat mitzrayim and how seder accomplishes it (gratitude and/or recognition of destiny).
  • Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Halpern -Time of Death: link

    Good review of basic sources on definition of death (cardiac arrest, brain death, cessation of breathing…)
  • Rabbi Baruch Simon-Vayikra 5770 - Korbanos and Midas HaHisbatlus: link

    Message of Karbanot – Submission/subordination to HKB”H. Interesting take on HKB”H putting stray thoughts into Kohain’s mind if the bringer of the Karban doesn’t understand the proper lesson. Secondary lesson – feel subordinate to others and learn from them.
  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Korbanos B'Zman Ha'zeh: link

    History (actual and halachic) of debate concerning bringing of Karbanot after the destruction of the Temple up through our times. Techeilet thrown in for good measure! R’Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher in the spotlight.
  • Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman -Nichum Aveilim: link

    Detailed discussion of practices concerning nichum aveilim including numerous alternative practices and explanations. [me – why is it the difference between the first three days and last four has been lost? Why isn’t saying hamakom when the aveilim enter by Lcha Dodi not nichum and why say well after Shkia? What do people say “in the chapel” to the onen that isn’t nichum? I thought the better practice was to sit where the niftar died, not where he lived]
    Best advice – know when to leave!
  • Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein - Second day of Yom Tov for emissary's of Israel: link

    Discussion of sources (and reasons) of Yom Tov Sheni and some implications. Interplay of individual and community practices, not differing from the community and practical applications.
  • R’Reisman
    Not available on-line, I’m not going to summarize the latest batch. I always find them entertaining and interesting but am also left with a feeling that we exist in parallel universes.
  • Chief Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks - Leadership and Passionate Jewish Living: link

    Talk to H.S. students. Importance of a lifetime commitment to learning, being a Jewish leader and make a difference in somebody’s life. Nice story of Steven Carter (influenced by an act of chesed by a religious Jew – made a difference in his life).
  • Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner - Medical Halachah: Taking Call on Shabbat: link

    Analysis of scheduling surgeries before Shabbat, doctor making arrangements for Shabbat coverage by non-religious Jew or non-Jew. Taking payment for Shabbat services. It seems to me like there’s a lot of self paskining that goes on in the medical community as to these issues.
  • Rabbi Baruch Simon -Kiddush and Havdalah: link

    Lots of detail on Kiddush and havdalah including whether the listeners have to drink from the Kiddush cup (no), bmakom seudah issues, grape juice (oh if people only knew history – they wouldn’t be quite so self-righteous!) and chamar medinah.
    Money quote on why electricity must be forbidden on Shabbat

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