Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Periodical: Tradition 42:4

New issue of Tradition 42:4 (Winter 2009) (link):

  • Editor's Note: Fear of Flesh and Blood by R. Shalom Carmy - A praise of acting out of fear of God
  • Jewish Philanthropy - Whither? by R. Aharon Lichtenstein - The recently crowned Gadol Ha-Dor (Torah giant of our generation - you had to be there to know what I'm talking about) concludes that Jews have to give primarily but not exclusively to Jewish charities but with a heavy heart, knowing that there are more universal needs as well that are important to us.
  • Is Courage a Jewish Value? by R. Yitzchak Blau - A search for the concept of "courage" within Judaism.
  • From the Pages of Tradition: Benzion Katz: Mrs. Baba Bathra by Dr. Shnayer Z. Leiman - A fascinating eyewitness account of the Beilis blood libel trial.
  • Survey of Recent Halakhic Periodical Literature: Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing by R. J. David Bleich - The most extensive discussion of tattooing I've ever seen (38 pages).
  • Book Review: Created Equal by Joshua Berman Reviewed by Shawn Zelig Aster - A YU Bible professor writes a fairly critical review of the book.
  • Communications: Notes on the Flood Story, The Priestly Blessing, Transforming Identity - Prof. Shubert Spero and Dr. Joel Wolowelsky clash over interpretation of the Flood story, Profs. Avi Sagi and Zvi Zohar debate Rs. Michael Broyde and Shmuel Kadosh on conversion.

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