Thursday, March 11, 2010

Audio Roundup LXXXIV

by Joel Rich

Question 1: The Legacy of Polemics: Microphones on Shabbat, Metzitzah, and the Rabbah Ordination by Shlomo Brody (found here: link)
Is one left with 3 possibilities – 1. The individuals involved don’t realize the likelihood of future blowback (implies the need for a little study of history) or 2. they realize it but feel it’s needed to live through the short run ( a little "ziyuf hatora" to protect the masses) or 3. that's the nature of the system (focus on process, not results)?

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At the advice of gedolei Yisroel, we are continuing to update this site. We plan to post a fuller statement in the future.

  • Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein -Triage in Vaccination allocation: link

    Good introductory session covering some sources and current day authorities’ positions. I’m still looking for the “holy grail” of why we wouldn’t just follow priorities in Horiyot. -
    Just came across this foot note in the R' Lichtenstein article in the latest Tradition :"See Horiyot 13a,where, on the one hand, technical factors of one's formal status in the scale of Yohasin is presented as a ground for priority, while, on the other hand, at the bottom, personal spiritual qualities are assigned supremacy. Currently the element of Yohasin as a yardstick of triage is relatively neglected- whether because, as R' Moshe Feinstein held, its use is rather impractical in the modern reality, it was no longer decisive, or some other reason." {Me - Someone help me please - I keep seeing various formulations of this type of construct and it keeps sounding to me like - we don't know why or things change, deal with it}

  • Rabbi R Ungar- A Price for the Dead?: link

    The case of a chatan whose parent died just prior to his wedding – a technical analysis and an understanding of how halacha dictates the interplay of emotions (me – R’YBS famous comment on one who buries a parent erev pesach and then has to conduct a seder – sounds very difficult).

  • Rabbi Mayer E. Twersky -Emes and Sheker: link

    Emet, sheker and eternity! Zachor et yom hashabbat – all mundane activities in preparation for Shabbat are transformed into mitzvot, so too all mundane activities (boys – remember the TV lecture?) can be eternalized by their ultimate goal (zachor = constant reminder – me R’YBS drasha on" Ki mdei dabrei bo, ezkereno od" implies zechira is not simply remembering [else how say mdei dabri first?] but acting on the memory!)

  • Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff - 2010-02-22 JH 16 - The contemporary scandal: link

    No one is infallible, not even daat torah. R’Alon issue has affected many people - why it wasn’t a cover up!

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky -Loving a Ger and Onoas: link

    Halachot regarding special treatment for converts. Some very interesting technicalities (e.g. may a Jew lose his qualification for ahavat Yisrael (yes), a convert for ahavat ger (no)).
    Why the special treatment and some implications. The child of two converts is a convert!

  • Rabbi Daniel Stein -Hilchos Hechsher Keilim Review 5770: link

    Think of it as conversion for utensils! (me – without Kabbalat Ol mitzvot?) A very thorough review of the rules of tvilat keilim including varying opinions. Some of the details include aluminum foil pans (R’HS says need Tvilah!), coatings, plug in the wall utensils and partnerships and making owner less as possible outs. Listen to the end on buying from a company and see what you think of the analysis. (Oh, and don’t toveil gifts you are giving, it won’t help.)

  • Rav Binyamin Hamburger -The Development of Kaddish Yasom: link

    History of Kaddish and why it’s not good to be marbeh kaddeishim (say extra ones) and how the practice changed (me-practices change??) to all the mourners saying rather than only one individual mourner (it was Napoleon’s fault!)

  • Rabbi Eliakim Koenigsberg -Birkas HaGomel: link

    Analysis of sefardic (more frequent) vs. ashkenazik (less frequent) practice on birchat hagomel. The degree of the link between birchat hagomel and karban todah and some implications. Planes, trains and automobiles (and women) also discussed.

  • Meir Lipschitz -Personal Growth vs. Family Responsibility: link

    Do you put family first or personal development first? No easy answer – it’s a dynamic tension (boys – which lecture # is this?)

  • Rabbi A Mintz-The Evening Service: link

    Seems most flexible text of all our prayers. Discussion of acceptance of this prayer by Jews as a “mitzvah”.

  • Rabbi A Mintz-Rabbi Jacob Emden and Moses Mendelssohn: The Burial Controversy of 1772: link

    R’D Sperber has a fascinating piece in “minhagei Yisrael” on the fear of being buried alive (“saved by the bell”), which was a widespread fear in the 19th century. Here the debate between R’Emden and R’Mendelsohn on delaying burial till one was really sure of “death” (those evil scientists were at it again). Some implications for how we interact with authorities and reflect new ways of thought.

  • Rabbi Boruch Leff -Spiritually Charging Your Shabbos Table: link

    R’Leff has written a new book based on his column in the American Yated (see how open-minded I am!) – Inspirational messages and practical tips on growing through Shabbat (shabbes?)
    Is it true that the S”A included single entry chapters in order to draw attention to them?

  • Rabbi A Mintz- Kabbalat Shabbat: link

    Kabbalat Shabbat and its Kabbalistic roots. Explanation of Lcha Dodi in this light.

  • Rabbi Yosef Adler - What Defines Day Rashi and Rambam: link

    Does day begin at dawn or sunrise? (Go ask Jim Morrison, I’m sure he’ll know) Is waiting till sunrise to do daytime mitzvot only a precaution (hard to tell when dawn is) or are there two elements of day so best to wait for both (it’s a disagreement!) Discussion of halachic hours as well.

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon -Birchas Kohanim - Standing in the Right Place to Recieve the Beracha: link

    Geometry and geography, excused and non-excused absence from “being there” for birchat kohanim and how these play out in the people getting “credit” for birchat kohanim.

  • Rabbi_Mordechai_Torczyner-When_the_Needs_of_the_Many_are_the_Needs_of_the_Few: link

    A fascinating topic but, IMHO, not enough time to cover altruism, the needs of the few vs. the many, hostage redemption rules and rules of war. The ongoing dynamic tension plays out in many venues (e.g. everything from hostages to trade-offs in Yeshiva education).

  • Rav Binyamin Tabory -She'elot uTeshuvot - Rav Moshe Feinstein - Igrot Moshe - Part 2: link

    Shaving on Chol hamoed (yes – but), Jewish supermarket that sells its chametz to a non-ben brit and then sells to customers (ok, so they’re stealing from non-ben brit but the original sale still stands). Man driving after candle lighting on Friday (ok, but he stopped anyway).

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz =Ten Minute Halacha - The Procedure for Getting an Aliyah: link

    Enjoy listening to R’Aryeh – lots of sources in these 10 minute shiurim – still trying to reconcile written sources/logic with current practice. When do you make a bracha on a “borrowed” talit (depends on who really owns it and why you’re wearing it).

  • Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler- Remembering Harav Shmuel Belkin: link

    Challenges he faced running Y.U. – history, vision and success (including R’Tendler’s).

  • Rav Asher Weiss -Halachot from Yakov Avinu: link

    Why can’t a transaction involve a davar shelo ba l’olam (item not yet in existence)? Is it a positivist item [chok] (partial hap tip R’OYG) or because there is no real meeting of the minds? Some implications that flow from this distinction.
    Brief discussion concerning the meaning of the Avot kept all the torah.
    Interesting story of the Rosh dismissing a work ascribed to the Tur because of a particular position articulated therein (turns out he was probably wrong?)

  • Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein -Ki Tisa and Minyans on Planes with dignity for all: link

    Sad commentary – first time he ever saw mutual cooperation and respect in making a minyan on the plain.

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