Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Links

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  • SALT today: link
  • Beth Din of America's ruling that was overturned by the NY State court last year (link) was reinstated: link
  • R. Yuval Cherlow on soldiers disobeying orders (note the different reports): link 1, link 2
  • ‘Personal mehitzas’ marketed for haredim: link
  • Branching Out: A crossword puzzle celebrating Judaism’s denominations: link
  • Senator Joe Lieberman supports David Greenfield in NYC Council race: link
  • Despite much to kvetch about, they're happy: link
Previous days' linksThursday
  • SALT today: link
  • Religious leader Elon accused of inappropriate conduct: link
  • R. Aharon Lichtenstein's lecture on the accusations (Hebrew): link
  • Is Facebook kosher?: link
  • Rabbis mull ‘Bill of Rights’ for kashrut inspectors: link
  • Day school parents now getting some tuition relief: link
  • Supreme Court against 'Mehadrin' buses: link
  • R. Heshie Billet on women rabbis: link
  • SALT today: link
  • Vatican putting wartime archives on Internet: link
  • Martin Grossman executed in Florida: link
  • Agudah expresses ‘anguish’ after Grossman execution: link
  • Zionist group urges students and donors to avoid UC Irvine: link
  • Netanyahu lobbies Russians for ancient Hebrew texts: link
  • R. Benny Lau on sexual orientation: link
  • Plan would let students start college after 10th grade: link
  • SALT today: link
  • Tropper forced out of Monsey: link
  • Sharansky: Jerusalem bridges time and space: link
  • Rabbis call for delaying execution today: link
  • Rabbi rules against women's Megillah reading: link
  • David Greenfield opponent drops out of race: link
  • Longest ‘chained wife’ freed after husband’s death: link
  • Gay with perfect faith: Dozens of Religious Zionist rabbis seek to change approach to religious homosexuals: link
  • SALT today: link
  • President George Washington's letter to the Hebrew Congregation at Newport: link
  • R. Shmuel Kaminetsky: It is forbidden to get drunk on Purim: link
  • Review of R. J. Simcha Cohen's recent book on Shabbos: link
  • NY Times obit for R. Bernard Lander: link
  • Gender-segregated sidewalks in Jerusalem: link
  • 1,400-year old winepress uncovered in Israel: link
  • When we pray at cemeteries, to whom do we pray?: link

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