Thursday, February 11, 2010

Announcements #141: Summer Beit Midrash Fellows

Summer Beit Midrash Fellows, The Center for Modern Torah Leadership

The Center for Modern Torah Leadership, led by Rabbi Aryeh Klapper, is recruiting outstanding men and women for this year's group of Summer Beit Midrash Fellows, July 6 through August 11, 2010. The Summer Beit Midrash is an intense and exhilarating learning program that allows advanced students to pursue compelling questions with intellectual rigor and ethical integrity in the framework of a warm and challenging Orthodox community, and to experience themselves as active contributors to the halakhic conversation. This year's seminar is expected to center on the theme "Informed Consent in Halakhah".

Alumni of this unique summer program, designed to cultivate effective and courageous Orthodox leaders, already serve the broad Jewish community as synagogue rabbis, Hillel advisors, day school and adult Jewish educators, Jewish Studies professors, and community officials, with the next generation leading campus communities. Our target audience is college, yeshiva, rabbinical, and graduate students, but we will consider applications from exceptional high school students or adult professionals. Applicants must be capable of reading rabbinic texts in the original Hebrew and Aramaic, and be fully committed to halakhah.

The Summer Beit Midrash will be held in picturesque Sharon, Massachusetts and will provide food and housing for all fellows. Stipends and transportation subsidies are available for qualified participants on a rolling admissions basis.

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