Thursday, January 07, 2010

You Might Be Post-Orthodox If...

Over three years ago, I gave some general guidelines of different viewpoints that would qualify as falling under the category of Modern Orthodox (link). Recently, I've been using the term Post-Orthodox to describe a group who veered away from traditional Orthodox beliefs and practices. I'm going to list a number of views that are characteristic of Post-Orthodoxy. While the lines between any two groups are blurry, if you hold many of these views you are Post-Orthodox as I define it. Exactly how many, I'm not sure. The lines are blurry.

But first let me be clear. I am not saying that the views are Jewishly unacceptable. That is a more complicated discussion that requires both scholarship and nuance. Nor am I suggesting that someone who is Post-Orthodox is a heretic. This is a sociological argument, not a theological claim.

So, with apologies again to Jeff Foxworthy, you might be Post-Orthodox if...

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So, with apologies again to Jeff Foxworthy, you might be Post-Orthodox if...

  1. You do not believe that the Rambam's thirteen fundamental principles are binding
  2. You believe that there are post-Mosaic additions to the Pentateuch
  3. You think that the Amoraim sometimes distorted the views of Tannaim
  4. You believe that the conclusions of the Gemara are not halakhically binding
  5. You approve of increasing women's roles in synagogue ritual
  6. You support the ordination of women
  7. You think that professors have the same religious authority as rabbis
  8. You don't want accepted standards for conversions
  9. You believe uncomfortable customs should be jettisoned
  10. You believe in complete, unbounded interfaith and interdenominational dialogue
  11. You want "out" homosexuals to be accepted as equal members of the community
  12. You believe that practices perceived as discriminatory should be changed
  13. You think that every rabbi has equal halakhic authority
Did I leave anything out?

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