Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Links

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  • SALT today: link
  • R. Steven Pruzansky on the Rabba: link
  • Gay Orthodox rabbi nudging Judaism: link
  • Duck recall: link
  • United Synagogue row over 'live near shul' rule: link
  • Rabbinate: Room service only on plastic plates during Pesach: link
  • Chareidi world appalled as Shas joins WZO: link

Previous days' linksThursday
  • SALT today: link
  • Assault on authentic Orthodoxy continues: link
  • Jewish events need kosher food: link
  • War on internet is a fight the rabbis can’t win: link
  • The God Of OMG!: link
  • Rabbi E. Melamed considering resigning: link
  • SALT today: link
  • R. Seth Farber: The new conversion law is a joke: link
  • Rabbis request bail for convicted financial fraud perpetrator: link
  • RCA pushing ethical kosher guidelines: link
  • Rabbinical courts softened stance on husbands refusing their wives divorce in 2009: link
  • Ultra-Orthodox seek boycott of their own Web sites: link
  • RCA Op-Ed by Rabbi Asher Meir, Chairman of the JPEG Committee, in support of the Kosher Food Industry Ethical Guidelines Recently Issued by the RCA: link
  • The story of how The Jewish Press began: link
  • R. Avi Weiss calls Sara Hurwitz "a rabbi with the additional quality of a distinct woman’s voice": link
  • SALT today: link
  • David Greenfield defends wearing tefillin on airplanes: link
  • Anti-semitism highest since WW2: link
  • R. Shlomo Riskin wants Efrat to be smoke-free: link
  • When religious people lie: link
  • Orthodox rabbis fight for release of convicted perpetrator of bank fraud: link
  • SALT today: link
  • Pope encourages blogging: link
  • Prominent Monsey rabbi on EJF scandal: link
  • R. Yair Hoffman: Rabbis are fallible: link
  • R. Avi Shafran on Haiti, lashon ha-ra and the EJF scandal: link
  • The lonely man of peace: link
  • Hikind tries to squash young frum political hopeful: link
  • Serious questions about purportedly Holocaust-era Torah scrolls: link
  • Conference confronts "new reality" for day schools: link

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