Friday, January 08, 2010

Weekly Links

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  • SALT today: link
  • SOY Seforim Sale to draw more than 20,000 people (heads up: I'll be signing books at the sale Monday Jan. 25th 7-8pm): link
  • Seruv list not defamatory: link
  • R. David Batzri was unable to exorcise a dybbuk (is it time yet to consult with a psychologist?): link
  • UK United Synagogue offers to pay for MRI scans instead of autopsies: link
  • Archeological find of earliest known Hebrew writing, much earlier than many scholars believed possible: link
  • R. Nachum Eisenstein is upset that EJF victim converted in Israel (about THIS he's outraged?): link
  • Interview with R. Abba Dunner about EJF scandal: link
  • NY Times article on Jewish blogger (Failed Messiah): link

Previous days' linksThursday
  • SALT today: link
  • R. Marc Angel: Return conversion to the rabbis: link
  • R. Steve Weil: Newspaper misquoted him on Spinka Rebbe: link
  • The race for Simcha Felder's seat gets ugly: link
  • Rise in Charedi IDF enrollment: link
  • Young Judaea continues to fall apart: link
  • Kibbutzim no longer equal: link
  • R. Yakov Nagen: Seven years since the terrorist attack in Yeshivat Otniel: link
  • Rabbis change view on IVF: link
  • European rabbis attack EJF: link
  • SALT today: link
  • Before you gossip, ask yourself this: link
  • R. Steve Weil: Don’t name yeshivos after those who are dishonest: link
  • Kosher kitchen battle at Bronx hospital: link
  • Woman in men's section of bus uses pepper spray to defend her place: link
  • R. Chaim Druckman opposes insubordination because IDF allows for religious recusal: link
  • SALT today: link
  • Lawsuit threat to engineer of Charedi internet ban: link
  • Gush roshei yeshiva say IDF soldiers must obey military rules: link
  • The demise of English grammar: link
  • Protecting Diaspora synagogues with Shabbat-compliant technology: link
  • SALT today: link
  • WSJ interview with Tzipi Livni: link
  • Kosher McDonald's: link
  • No more Marahat: A new title for Post-Orthodox female clergy - "Rabba": link
  • Eda Charedis meets with Christian clergy about violence against clergy: link
  • Israel's first pork cookbook: link
  • Retired IDF rabbis tell soldiers to disobey orders that are against halakhah: link
  • R. Marc Angel takes on Kupat HaIr: link
  • A ruckus in YU library, on YouTube: link
  • What Israel can teach the world about airport security: link
  • London rabbis issue statement against EJF: link
  • New Shomer Shabbos chairman at major NY law firm: link

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