Monday, December 14, 2009

New Periodical: Kol Hamevaser 3:3

There is a new issue of Kol Hamevaser: The Jewish Thought Magazine of the Yeshiva University Student Body on the topic of "Academic Jewish Studies." The whole issue is available here: link. Also, those who would like to subscribe to automatically receive a PDF version of new editions of the paper should send an e-mail to If you wish to receive a hard copy of the paper for the price of shipping and handling, please e-mail us your contact information and home address.

  • Academic Jewish Studies: Benefits and Dangers by Shlomo Zuckier
  • Letter-to-the-Editor by Mordechai Shichtman
  • An Interview with Dr. David Berger by Staff
  • Traditional versus Academic Talmud Study: “Hilkhakh Nimrinhu le-Tarvaihu by Rabbi Dr. Richard Hidary
  • An Interview with Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman by Shlomo Zuckier
  • An Interview with Dr. Shawn-Zelig Aster by Staff
  • Jewish Responses to Wellhausen’s Documentary Hypothesis by Abraham Jacob Berkovitz
  • Tsiluta ke-Yoma de-Istana: Creating Clarity in the Beit Midrash by Ilana Gadish
  • Bible Study: Interpretation and Experience by Ori Kanefsky
  • Religious Authenticity and Historical Consciousness by Eli Putterman
  • Not by Day and Not by Night: Jewish Philosophy’s Place Reexamined by Dovid Halpern
  • Reality Check?: A Response to Mr. Seidler-Feller’s Response by Nathaniel Jaret
  • Spreading Serarah by Yossi Steinberger
  • "A Yid iz Geglaychn tzu a Seyfer Toyre" by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
  • A Fresh Look at the Aggadah by Shlomo Zuckier
  • Ensuring That the World Does Not Forget: The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center by Benjy Bloch

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