Monday, November 09, 2009

New Periodical: Kol Hamevaser 3:2

There is a new issue of Kol Hamevaser: The Jewish Thought Magazine of the Yeshiva University Student Body on the topic of "Family and Community." The whole issue is available here: link. Also, those who would like to subscribe to automatically receive a PDF version of new editions of the paper should send an e-mail to

  • The Modern Orthodox Response to Orthopraxy by Eli Putterman
  • Prayer: A Call for Philosophical Inquiry by Sarit Bendavid
  • Rabbinic Leadership Reexamined by Alex Luxenberg
  • On the Virtue of Followership: Ein Melekh be-Lo Am by Noah Cheses"Am le-Badad Yishkon:" Must the Singular Nation Always Reside Alone? by Nicole Grubner
  • An Interview with Rabbi Yaakov Neuberger by Staff
  • Be Not Overly Modest: Tseni'ut and the Inability to Speak About Sex by Emmanuel Sanders
  • An Interview with Mrs. Shani Taragin: Part One by Staff
  • Shemirat Negi'ah and Reality by Nathaniel Jaret
  • Reality Check: Lo Tikrevu le-Gallot Ervah and Shemirat Negi'ah by Shaul Seidler-Feller
  • Musar's Incomplete Victory by Rabbi Yosef Blau
  • "A Yid iz Geglaychn tzu a Seyfer Toyre" by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
  • Don't Read This Essay by Reuven Rand
  • Beginning the Conversation: A Review of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks' Weekly Readings of Be-Reshit by Shlomo Zuckier

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