Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hagiographers and the Rambam

R. Yair Hoffman writes in his daily VinDaf on the VosIzNeias website (link):

A recent controversy in the pages of Hakirah – the Flatbush Journal of Jewish Law and Thought dealt with (Summer, 2009 p.20) dealt with an accusation of the Brisker method being “ahistorical.”

The Brisker method is often characterized as examining the particulars of a given halacha and finding two or more elements in them that work upon differing principles. The method often questions whether the particular obligation under discussion is one that is incumbent upon the item itself “Cheftza” or the person performing the Mitzvah “Gavra.” Classically, the Brisker methodology utilizes the method to resolve a difficult Rambam, but occasionally it is used to shed light upon a Tosfos or another Rishon as well.
Read the full article here: link. See these related posts: I, II.

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