Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Audio Roundup LXII

by Joel Rich

  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz - Taking Trips on Sukkos: link

    Gemara discusses “holchei drachim” (travelers) not requiring Sukkah. Contemporary poskim debate whether can put oneself in position of not requiring sukkah (except for mitzvah purposes). Debate on business and pleasure with family (are these mitzvot?) [yes – see Rama – hilchot Shabbat making a living may be a mitzvah (don’t faint)].
    R’Aryeh and dear readers– Does one’s rachmana patrei mean it doesn’t count against you, or that you get credit as if you did it?
    Also nice throw ins of an R’Asher Weiss “ratzon hatorah” and R’A Lichtenstein’s prioritization of striving for mitzvot-kach mkublani mbeit avi abba, competing goods are always the biggest challenge grasshopper!

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  • Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz - Differences Between Israel and America in Tefilah: link

    It’s a pleasure to hear a young talmid chacham wrestle out loud with the divergence between mimetic tradition and algorithmic halacha (here – kohanim, tumat haamim and can a kohain leave Israel or linger outside).
    Then some analysis of placement and saying of Karbanot (me – R’HS has commented on the irony of skipping these in light of Unshalmah parim sfateinu) and Pitum haketoret.
    Most other problematic insertions/questions near the amidah are answered by the wild cards of geula arichta or tfila arichta.

  • Jewish Medical Ethics, August 20 - 23, 2009: link
    Rabbi Kenneth Brander
    Rabbi Michael Broyde
    Dr. Beni Gesundheit
    Rabbi Dr. Aaron E. Glatt
    Dr. Cliff Librach
    Rabbi Dr. Avraham Steinberg

    Some interesting (to an actuary at least) statistics on pandemics then into related halachic (and secular) issues - Should/must/can health workers get 1st vaccines? (NY State law will require this) What % risk should/must/can one take to save others? Should/must/can a nation stockpile vaccine while others have none? Should/must/can shuls or schools be closed? (Answer – ask poskim with good medical knowledge)

  • Rav Moshe Taragin - Tefila and Teshuva: link

    Prayer can change HKB”H’s will (IIUC – without changing self), it stands instead of sacrifices and is a preface to tshuva/repentance (per R’YBS since tshuva is a logical anomaly). Also, a humbling experience which aids in the restoration of our relationship with HKB”H (me – see Rabbi S. Berman’s review of the new R’Sacks Siddur – how do we set MO (chosen because that’s where I live) souls on fire?)

  • Rav Hershel Schachter - "The Chumra of The Week": A Communal Cheshbon: link

    Mesilat Yesharim – make individual fences for selves. Mar Ukva – why didn’t he wait 24 hours between meat and milk like his dad? He wasn’t at that level in general (don’t wear pajamas and dress jewelry).
    If your Rabbi/Rebbi doesn’t do some midat chassidut (e.g. stand for laining) you shouldn’t (someone at YU – please ask if I got this right and would R’HS extend it to standing with feet together for chazarat hashatz, even if one has been doing so already?).
    One of my favorite R’HS stories – Rebbi telling Talmid – that’s not mechzei kyuhara (looks like haughtiness) it’s real yuhara!
    Every chumra has a “kulah” (e.g. spend too much on it, ruin intrapersonal relationships).
    Some minhagim/chumrot are ridiculous and need to ask a rav. Others (listen up MO-lite) are real laws (cover hair, don’t let a non-benbrit use your dishwasher on Shabbat, don’t eat cooked fish in a “dairy” restaurant, don’t come late to Shul, don’t talk during Tfila).

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Special Shiur Inyonei Yom Kippur & Sukkos: link

    Technical details regarding the 4 minim (not apostates) and Sukkah construction. Interesting list of “rejected” opinions (not including crocs and Shabbat elevators yet). Check your hotel Sukkah carefully!

  • Rabbi A Klapper - Should Facts Affect Faith?: link

    Very interesting (if a bit above my pay level) discussion of truth, justice and the torah way. Were the Talmudic debates with wise non-Jews really allegorical? (La, La, La, I can’t hear you).

  • Rav Binyamin Tabory - Yom Kippur: Don't Hold Back: link

    Understanding the phrase “Lman nechdal maoshek Yadeinu”.
    2 of my favorite R’YBS – 1) quoting R’Kook on “Ad Shelo notzarti” – we’re each born at a specific time for a specific job (I just wish we came with an instruction manual); 2) Yom Kippurim is plural – multiple roads to find our way back home.

  • Rabbi Jonathan Feldman - Kosher #2: The Nabisco Story: link

    Introduction to industrial kashrut and hashgachot issues. Good listening to dispel the “it’s always politics” Shabbat table conversation.

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky - Maariv Motzei Yom Kippur: link

    Maybe no Maariv on Motzai Yom Kippur (it’s reshut and we did say Neilah!?). Sorry [I’m really not] but yes you do. Explanation why and a great retelling of a debate between R’Sobolofsky and his child as to which comes first – eating or building sukkah!

  • Rabbi Asher Weiss - Shabbos Tshuva 5770: link

    Mussar in his inimitable style – judgment day for specific deeds but also general relationship/direction with HKB”H. What to do? Take Kabalot (specific improvements) upon yourself and remember the gates of tears are never sealed (me – and try not to be too self conscious about crying in a crowd of non-cryers).

  • Rabbi Dr. Jacob J Schacter - Optimism, Hope, & Human Greatness: A Different Perspective on Yom Kippur: link

    One of my favorite R’YBS insights – the improvement in U.S. of shmirat Shabbat but lack of Erev Shabbat (“preparation”) Jews [me – the most jarring part of returning to the U.S. from Israel, besides one minute being on Rechov Hayehudim and the next on Route 280, is the lack of daily Jewish rhythm]. Power of preparing for a mitzvah is a lifetime’s work, the mitzvah itself is transitory. Focus on the greatness of man and bringing heaven and earth together.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Hilchos Succos and Arba Minin: link

    Lots of technical detail and rejected opinions! (including how to hold and what to hold, lefties take note!). Interesting comments on levels of completeness within a torah mitzvah, a contradiction within Schulchan Aruch as to whether dreams influence psak and the opinion of the Aderet that the existence of clocks uprooted the (rabbinic gzeirah?) need to build in leeway in timing for morning mitzvot.

  • Rabbi Jesse Horn - Development of Machloket: link

    A quick summary of the basics of the age old question – so what exactly did Moshe Rabbeinu get at Sinai (R’Lampel – maybe send him an autograph copy of Dynamics of Dispute?).

  • Honest to G-d Program: Infusing our Lives with Integrity: link

    No download that I could find – listen on line.
    Halachic mussar 101 – Remember importance of bein adam lchaveiro, dina d’malchuta, Onaah ($ and words), Glatt Yosher, Ger VToshav. Have a sense of mission (Blessed is the God of Shimon ben shetach story).
    Other thoughts – we tell kids not to focus on gashmiut but require them to earn much more than average to support an orthodox lifestyle. Emunah when you’re on Daddy’s payroll is often bogus.

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