Sunday, September 06, 2009

Filter Your Internet

A caring member of the Baltimore community sent me a heartfelt letter that he had circulated to the rabbis in his community, asking me to post it. I've decided not to, because it makes me uncomfortable. I'm not a very pastoral kind of guy and I don't deal well with other people's personal problems.

However, I will make the point that everyone should feel obligated to filter your internet. It's easy, free and just basic common sense. It will create a barrier to inappropriate websites, that even if penetrable it will take forethought and a conscious decision to go around.

This is for adults and not just children, but if you have child and you allow them online, you are being negligent if you don't take some basic precautions. A free filter can be obtained here: link. Will this solve all of the problems on the internet? No. But it will partially solve many of them.

Another website which readers might find useful is

In short, stay away from shmutz and do what you can to keep your kids away from it also.

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