Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Posts Along the Way: The First Review

The Jewish Star - The Kosher Bookworm: Why a teacher is reviewing a book by a writer named Student by Alan Jay Gerber (link):

Our review this week is of a book by an author named Gil Student. As unlikely a name as this may be, the material contained in his work is even more intriguing.

“Posts Along The Way, Volume One: Shul” is, according to Rabbi Gil Student, an adaptation of Torah teachings from his popular blog, Hirhurim, which expresses opinions on Jewish law and practice and welcomes studied and informed replies. The book Bookworm-Posts Along the Waycontains a vast array of discussions and questions concerning nearly every conceivable major contemporary issue dealing with the shul.

Unlike many others, the Hirhurim blog reflects a responsible take on its subject matter. Absent is the rancor and slander that daily inhabit other blogs claiming to represent traditional Judaism...
The full review is here: link.

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