Friday, June 12, 2009

Audio Roundup XLV

by Joel Rich

TIM audios can be found in the free section of:

  • TIM - Professor Menachem Kellner - Are There Things A Jew Must Believe? The Controversy over Rambam's 13 Principles

    Belief/heresy et al. We’re too quick to write people off.

  • TIM - Rav Yehuda Gilad - The Boundaries and Limitations of Pluralism in Jewish Thought and Law

    Pluralism as seen through the Talmudic treatment of Bet Hillel and Shamai. An interesting approach. His thesis – life is how complex, be sensitive to others’ approaches (me – can it be that it was all so simple then?).

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  • TIM - Dr. Marc Shapiro - Great Rabbinic Figures: Rabbi Zvi Pesach Frank (Part 1)

    Some interesting opening remarks on woman rabbis/smicha.

    R’Tzvi Pesach Frank was recognized as great posek by all elements of Orthodox. 1st in a series of detailed history. Some interesting side remarks about "posek hador" status

    Interesting history of early Zionist/rabbinic interplay (why does Israel attract extremists – or does it provide fertile soil for them?).

  • Rabbi Ysoscher Katz - Talmud Yom Iyun: link

    Interesting discussion of what societal changes caused the Takanot of Usha (no discussion of the color of anyone’s tie).

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon - Attending Simchas as an Aveil: link

    Detailed discussion (part of his aveilut series) of what "festive meals" you can attend during aveilut. Differentiating between those with and without food and/or music. Very limited exemption for mishamshin (jobs) – You mean snapping a few pictures isn’t enough? No mention of an exemption for those who feel the niftar would have wanted them to attend or emotionally feel they need to be there.

    Great side issue of chukat hagoyim as it applies to weddings in synagogue and Sabbath sermons (but no mention of tuxedos). IIUC some Rabbis who don’t wear tuxedos for this reason do conduct weddings in synagogues and give weekly sermons.

  • Chief Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks - Halachic & Philosophical Dimensions of Jewish Prayer: link

    Siddur is Chazal’s literature of faith (emunah). Prayer is a two way conversation between the Jewish people and HKB’H. Analysis of the form of prayer as it defines bases of faith: creation, revelation and redemption.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - The Mesorah of Torah Sheb'al Peh: link

    Another magical mystery tour. This time Talmud Shbeal Peh. What did Moshe really get at Sinai (hard to believe he got all my chidushim!). Wherever Onkelos adds to pure translation, it’s peirush Moshe misinai. Greater bchochma ubminyan isn’t required for Torah interpretations (e.g. change in nissuch hayayin between bayit rishon and sheni).

    Amoraim really could have disagreed with Tannam but post amoraim couldn’t because once mishna written down (when gemara codified), learning changed.

    If you’re entitled to an (halachic) opinion (hint – if you’re reading or writing this, you’re probably not) then you need to give it.

  • Rabbi Michael Taubes - Occupying With Torah Free From Other Mitzvos: link

    How does haosek bmitzvah interact with Talmud torah? It’s complicated. ☺

  • Rabbi Yona Reiss - Dynastic Inheritance in Halacha: link

    Is Torah (e.g. rabbinate/Rosh Yeshiva) inheritable? Sources quoted both ways (seemed more no). Rama’s psak is yes as long as the replacement meets minimum standards unless practice was elsewise (which is generally the case now).

    Questions: 1) Who will watch the watchers? 2) Historically have those directly involved excused themselves? Why? 3) Does the recent supreme court decision on judge's bias have any impact?

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Ruba Vichazaka Ruba Adif: link

    Ruba D’leta Kaman, Ruba d’ita Kaman, miyut hamatzui, miyut sheino matzui, birur, hanhaga, miyuta d’miyuta, mayim shein lahem sof, shaat hadchak kdieved dami - except when it’s not!!!! (arghh – but why R’HS, why?)

  • Rabbi M Taragin - Avot 5: link

    Our mission is to study torah – don’t be proud of accomplishments therein – everyone is given differing talents.

  • Dr. Y Ziegler - Ruth 5: link

    Seduction story – parallels with Lot’s daughters, Tamar and Jewish women in Egypt = refusal to accept lack of continuity of Jewish people.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Hilchos Geirus: link

    Lots of technical detail on conversion including whether ger can serve on beit din for geirut, is it better to be a ger who isn’t shomer mitzvot or be non-Jew (me-what do you advise in a high risk high reward situation)?? ? Kabbalat ol mitzvot is the essence of geirut.

  • Rabbi A Rakeffet - Rav Hirsch The Rav and Their Contrasting Views Of Yeshiva University: link

    TIDE vs. TUM et al.

  • Rabbi Elchanan Adler - Tumah V'Teharah - Overview: link

    Beginning of a very detailed series on ritual impurity.

  • Rabbi M Taragin - Avot 6: link

    Sixth Perek – Some interesting insights on learning vs. mussar (no, they don’t stand in opposition to each other).

  • Shira Smiles - Divination and Prayer 5768: link

    A very hard core Desslerian = not a leaf falls….view of life – if this is your approach (and I guess this is the most common approach today for the general kehilla – anyone disagree?) you’ll get some good reinforcement. Power of prayer is giving oneself over to HKB"H. Me – Abandon all doubt ye who enter here.

  • Rabbi D Gottlieb - Birkas Kohanim By Non-Kohanim: link

    7 Reasons why it’s not a problem for non-Kohanim to bless their children Friday nights with birchat Kohanim.

  • Rabbi Asher Weiss - Talmud Torah: link

    The main Mitzvah of Talmud Torah is "in order to know".

  • Rabbi Noam Weinberg - Parenting Through Parsha-Nasso: link

    Have age specific expectations of your kids and educate them that there are lighter shades of pale and remember "nothing is good nor bad only thinking makes it so."

  • Rabbi B Leff - Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh: link

    Ani tfila – entire being is prayer – speak to HKB"H frequently and don’t leave early. Part of a series.

  • Rabbi B Tabory - The 3 Weeks: link

    A summary of the rules.

  • Rabbi Daniel Hartstein - Plane Travel and Plain Child Birth: When Should Birchas HaGomel Be Said: link

    Primarily childbirth discussion, also airplanes – explanations of various approaches to triggers. (For my next trip to a specific block in Ramat Shilo?)

  • Dr. Y. Ziegler - Ruth 6: link

    Boaz vs. Shimshon – Controlling and directing passions.

  • Rabbi Yosef Grossman - The Incubator Generation: link

    R’Huntner on R’Yehoshua Ben Gamla’s need to establish "public schools" – it meant that society (or "the village") had become less capable of transmitting.

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