Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parashah Roundup: Bemidbar/Yom Yerushalayim/Shavuos 5769

by Steve Brizel

LZ”N Leah Bas Yisrael

An Overview of Sefer Bamidbar

  • R. David Horwitz explores Ramban's introduction to Sefer Bamidbar suggests that we emulate the generation of the desert in its observance of the temporary mitzvos of the desert during our sojourn on earth: link
  • R. Yitzchak Etshalom explains why Sefer Bamidbar is the source of our relationship with HaShem through the interactions of Knesses Yisrael: link
  • R. Berel Wein suggests that Sefer Bamidbar begins with the counting of the tribes in order to prepare us for the focus throughout the Sefer on the analysis of people and their characteristics that make up the bulk of the Sefer: link
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  • The Nesivos Shalom, as elucidated by R. Yitzchak Adlerstein, and R. Yaakov Haber explain the differences between the census in this week's Parsha and Parshas Pinchas as indicative of the transistion from the generation that left Egypt to the generation that was poised to enter Eretz Yisrael and reflecting the importance of the transmission of Torah through the medium of the famiy in the absence of open miracles and the revealed Divine Presence in the immediate vicinity of a Jewish place of residence: link 1, link 2

  • The Counting of The Jewish People
  • R. Dovid Gottlieb investigates the halachic proprieties of the counting of the Jewish People: link (audio)

  • The Encampment of the Jewish People
  • R. Ephraim Buchwald exhorts us to learn from the encampment of the Jewish People that success in raising a Jewsh family requires both Yiras Shamayim and practical down to earth direction from the elders: link
  • R. Avraham Gordimer reminds us that good and bad neighbors can both have powerful impacts on our lives in active and passive manners: link
  • R. Jonathan Sacks explains the connection between the Parsha and the Haftorah and why it is read immediately before Shavuos: link

  • The Separation of the Leviim
  • R. Yissocher Frand, based on the Ramban, suggests why the Leviim were small in numbrs, despite their important role: link

  • Yom Yerushalayim
  • R. Aharon Lichtenstein suggests why we should always be seeking the welfare of Zion and Jerusalem and why we must always be careful to guard the special status of Jerusalem: link 1, link 2
  • R. Mosheh Lichtenstein discusses the centrality of Jerusalem in our lives from various halachic and hashkafic perspectives: link (audio)
  • R. Assaf Bednarsh discusses Jerusalem in Halacha and Hashkafa: link (audio)
  • R. Michael Rosensweig explains why Jerusalem is the center of the Jewish People: link (audio)
  • R. Zvi Sobolofsky discussess Yerushalayim Bchurbanah Ubinyanah: link (audio)
  • R. Daniel Z. Feldman discusses halachic perspectives on Jerusalem: link (audio)
  • R. Daniel Stein reviews and explores the halachic boundaries of Har HaBayis: link (audio)

  • Shoalim v Dorshim Department

    Torah Shebichsav and Torah SheBaal Peh
  • R. Herschel Schachter reminds us that Torah SheBaal Peh is dynamic, as opposed to being static in nature: link (audio)
  • R. Beinish Ginsburg explores the connection between Shavuos and the Baalei Mesorah: link (audio)
  • R. Shalom Rosner emphasizes that we must strive to embrace the Mitzvos Bein Adam LaMakom and Mitzvos Bein Adam LaChavero: link (audio)
  • R. Asher Brander explains why Shavuos has no outward symbol: link

  • Hilchos Gerus
  • R. Nachum Sauer reviews Teshuvos of R Moshe Feinstein ZTL: link (audio)
  • R. Dovid Gottlieb discusses the conversion crisis: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio), link 3 (audio)
  • R. Daniel Stein discusses conversions of convenience: link (audio)
  • R. Zvi Sobolofsky reviews the role of Beis Din in conversion and the conversion of a minor child and contemporary halachic perspectives in halacha: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio), link 3 (audio), link 4 (audio)
  • R. Michael J. Broyde, in the course of a book review in the latest issue of Tradition, discusses Hodaas HaMitvos and Kabalas Ol Mitzvos and suggests a solution to the conversion crisis: link

  • Megilas Rus
  • R. Gedalia Dov Schwartz and R David Forhman discuss various aspects of Megilas Rus: link 1 (audio), link 2 (audio), link 3 (audio)

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