Thursday, April 30, 2009

Announcements #098: New Session of Hebrew Ulpan at WebYeshiva

New Session of Hebrew Ulpan at WebYeshiva

Now with new courses and an expanded program:

Beginning May 2nd

WebYeshiva is excited to be offering another session of Hebrew Ulpan starting this May at WebYeshiva. Delivered by Rabbi Shlomo Eitan, founder of "Ulpan Eitan", you can now learn to read the Tanach, Siddur and Mishna in the original Hebrew and experience the joy of understanding independently the beauty of the original text, without the crutch of translations.

With four different levels, and classes available morning, afternoon, and evening, you can design your Hebrew Ulpan at the level and schedule that's right for you!

Click here to view the full selection of Hebrew Ulpan classes and register now!

NEW! Ulpan for Medical and Legal Professionals

For the first time ever, WebYeshiva is offering special Hebrew ulpan classes for medical and legal professionals. Find out more by visiting the Ulpan for Legal Professionals page and the Ulpan for Medical Professionals page.

You can also improve your Hebrew Speaking ability with WebYeshiva's new Spoken Hebrew Ulpan for Intermediate students. Click here to learn more.

Gone is the drudgery of memorization, the fear of getting bored, the confusion of learning grammar, and intimidation of vocabulary overload. Rabbi Eitan has developed a unique, user friendly approach that has proven successful with adults who want to develop their Hebrew skills, overcome their fear of the language, or feel at home in classical Jewish sources.

To view the full selection of ulpan classes and course descriptions, click here now.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding Hebrew Ulpan at WebYeshiva please contact or call +972 (0)2-567-1719

If you have more specific questions regarding the curriculum and level placement please contact Rabbi Eitan at, subject line: WebYeshiva .
For more information about WebYeshiva's other shiurim and to register for our FREE Summer Zman, please click here.

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