Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NEW BOOK: Posts Along The Way

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I am requesting input about the upcoming publication of the first book based on this blog, Posts Along The Way: Torah Insights From The Hirhurim Blog Volume 1: Shuls. The book's webpage is here (link) and includes a full table of contents as well as two blurbs. The book combines classic essays from this blog about prayers, rabbis and shuls with extensive new material from other places, all updated for new publications and feedback from readers and commenters. Learn about the halachah and hashkafah of shuls in the quick and enlightening blog style. Take a guided tour of the sources and see how they are relevant to the Judaism you live and experience.

Below are three possible cover designs. Please let me know which you prefer (and why, if you want to share). Click on each image to see it bigger.


You can buy the book there or buy it online here: link.

After publication, there will be a book signing one evening at Levine Judaica. That will be the perfect opportunity for you to pick up your book or to bring the one you already bought to have it signed.

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