Friday, March 27, 2009

Audio Roundup XXXV

by Joel Rich

  • Does it take one to know one: Do religious patients require religious therapists? & Panel Discussion: (Pay - go to and click on Panels on left hand margin product search)

    Very interesting discussion of whether orthodox patients (for psychiatry, psychology, etc.) are best served by orthodox therapists. One case study of a Yeshiva boy who was thinking too much (in his opinion(?)) about sex (hmmm).

    The therapist is supposed to be a "facilitating mirror" (objective). [me – and a posek is also supposed to be "objective". Question – can anyone truly be "objective"? Can an orthodox therapist ever truly avoid counter transference? Do we take medicines even though sometimes they have side effects? Are there non-orthodox therapists who view religion as an illness? Are there orthodox therapists who won’t "go there" if there involves actions that could lead to sin?]

    Rabbinical role – know when to refer but it’s not a touch pass (i.e. stay involved).

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  • Panel Discussion: Rav Soloveitchik: The Complex Legacy: (Pay - go to and click on Panels on left hand margin product search)

    What were R’YBS’s true feelings on secular studies? Responses based on his shiurim, Maimonides school and suggestions to his students.

    Transmitting emotional component of Judaism was viewed as key.

    His "loneliness" was existential. Modern society doesn’t focus on community and sacrifice.

    We shouldn’t "petrify" him but continue to think for ourselves and our times utilizing his insights and, more importantly, his approach.(my take)

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Hilchos Bishul B'Shabbos: link

    Outstanding "quick summary" of the laws of cooking (not) on Shabbat including Shihiyah (leaving on) and chazarah (returning). Interesting R’YBS on one of my imponderables – The first folks who used Shabbat clocks were probably over on marit ayin, but they made it permissible for us to use them ?!?!

    Very interesting comment on appropriateness of elevators and Akum operators on an ongoing basis (Manhattanites listen at your own risk).

  • Rebbetzin Peshi Neuburger - Mizmor Shir Chanukas HaBayis: A Song of Dedication?: link

    Why is Mizmor shir chahukat habayit l’david where it is in morning prayer? Thematic explanation of placement and meaning with regard to David’s life-bottom line – our prayer is deficient without recognition of missing temple. [me – recurring theme in many shiurim – have we been too content?]

  • Mrs. Chani Maybruch - Taharas HaMishpacha Review for Women-Part 1: link

    Not sure if the for women applies to internet listeners?
    Detailed discussion of laws of Nidah. Summary – unless you are 1,000% sure, ask – you may well be pleasantly surprised.

    Interesting comment on the "don’t look then no need to tell" rule – it’s not to beat the system, it’s within the system (mmmm).

  • Rabbi Hanan Balk - The Notion of a Tzaddik--Do We Expect Perfection?: link

    "Someone wrote" about his shiur on Amen parties (hmmm – now who could that be?). Very rational approach to our relationship with HkB"H (he must be right – I agree with him
    J) and "sinning" of avot (a la R’Hirsch). We can be tzaddikim if we do Tshuva and get up after each fall. (a’la R’Hutner)

  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb - Lifesaving Measures on Shabbos: link

    Source of permission to violate Shabbat to save a life – "vchai bahem" vs. violate one Shabbat to observe others - and some implications.

  • Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff - R' MayerTwersky: link

    It’s called R’Twersky but it’s really R’Rakefet’s Take (again) on feminism and YCT.

  • Rabbi Mordechai Willig - Alarms and Timers on Shabbos: link

    Introduction to Shabbat clocks, photoelectric switches and cause and effect. Basics of psik reisha, Lo Nicha Lei and grama. When is it a result independent of your act?

  • Rabbi Dr. J. David Bleich - Birkhat HaChammah: link

    Read my book! We need to differentiate between memorization and intellectual knowledge.

    The bracha of oseh maaseh breishit is said on lightening (currently created majestic experience), on grand canyon types (past created experience). We must recognize "natural" miracles.

    Mentions R’Gil catching him on conflating the doctrine of natural creation and the doctrine of constant conservation (me – is that like the Monroe doctrine?)

    The oseh maaseh of birchat hachama is special in that when you look at the sun, it hasn’t changed any – it’s a reflective blessing which requires you to internalize what you see and that causes feeling of need to praise the lord for continually conserving the universe.

    Chazal knew calculation wasn’t exact – it was designed for ease of calculation and to cause personal reflection.

  • Rabbi Ariel Rackovsky - A Rose by An Other Name Shoshanat Yaakov: link

    Nice explication of Asher Heni and Shoshanat Yaakov. Did you know that Krovutz stood for Kol Rina Vyishua boholei tzadikkim? R’Ariel – Interesting thought about "rules of 5" – but what is the significance.

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