Thursday, February 26, 2009

Judaism and Quantum Physics

I read with interest Dr. Aaron M. Schreiber's recent book, Quantum Physics, Jewish Law, & Kabbalah: Astonishing Parallels. I know the author personally and he is a very learned man -- a talmid chakham and a professor. I usually avoid books on Torah and Quantum Physics because I have learned through experience that the authors generally know little about either subject. However, I know that Dr. Schreiber knows a great deal about Torah.

Books like this often cherry-pick the relevant details that support their thesis and ignore passages to the contrary. I am unable to evaluate his presentations of Kabbalah and Quantum Physics, but I do not believe that the discussions of Jewish Law contain selective quoting. I found them honest and informed.

What I found most refreshing about the book is that it is low on definitive pronouncements and high on pointing out interesting similarities. In other words, the author does not arrogate to himself the ability to solve some of Judaism's most difficult problems through Quantum Physics. Generally, he raises the issue in Judaism, points out the resolution, and shows how a concept similar to that can be found in Quantum Physics. I suspect that some readers will find this approach too hesitant but I appreciated it.

The book is available at Eichler's in Flatbush (link). I'm not sure where else.

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