Friday, February 27, 2009

Jnews Roundup XXII

  • R. Yaakov Klass discusses the "Real Tough Times": Jewish Press I, Jewish Press II
  • Rebbetzin Jungreis talks about how we should cope with the economic crisis: Jewish Press I, Jewish Press II
  • Obama gives unprecedented access to Jewish groups: Forward
  • JPS planning internet Bible that allows for Wiki-style commentary by users: Forward
  • An attack on the concept of long-term endowment funds: Forward

  • R. Michael J. Broyde points out that the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal might have prevented Joe Lieberman from becoming president: Jewish Press
  • Beautiful thoughts from (Conservative) R. David Wolpe about old books. I remember finding random mail used as bookmarks in my grandfather's books as well: Jewish Week
  • We need to go back to the basics in teaching Tanakh: Jewish Press

  • Conservative movement trying to reassert and redefine itself. Chancellor of JTS to speak in Teaneck: Jewish Standard. R. David Lerner charts out an (overly?) ambitious program: Jewish Week

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