Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Help Warm the Needy in Israel

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Did you know that one in three children in Israel go to sleep cold at night?

Did you know that thousands of children get chronically ill in the winter due to lack of adequate heating?

Warm the Needy runs a network throughout Israel that provides heaters to families without heat and assists them in paying their electric bills.

Click here to read moreWarm the Needy was founded in 2003 with a simple yet critical mission to warm the hearts and homes of Israel's needy. With over 1.5 million Israelis living below the poverty line, one in four adults and one in three children live in substandard conditions that often include the lack of protection from the harsh and bitter weather during winter months.

In 2006, Warm the Needy helped approximately 1,500 families living in old, poorly built apartments, survive the winter. Working hand in hand with activists from major relief organizations throughout the country, they reached out to those suffering families by providing them with a heater and financial assistance to cover electric bills.

Thanks in part to the Jewish bloggers, last year they were able to raise
enough money to distribute 600 heaters and subsidize electric bills for 1,500
families. You can see a copy of their Thank You letter here:

This year they even more poor families that need their help, and so they are
calling out to Jblogosphere again, in the hope they will respond as
generously as last year.

Any and all help would be appreciated: link

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