Monday, December 29, 2008

The Zoo Rabbi Defends His Detractors

R. Natan Slifkin has taken the unusual step of writing an essay to explain and justify the ban on his books (link - PDF):

Several years have elapsed, and the defenders of the ban have not gotten over their embarrassment. At least two further written rejoinders are in the works, both of which are likely to fail in the impossible task of rewriting the history of Jewish scholarship. Since nobody is presenting a remotely reasonable defense of the ban, I have decided to pen one myself. For it is my belief that, properly understood, the ban on my books is eminently justifiable.
Keep in mind that there is an active blog, whose author occasionally comments here, dedicated almost exclusively to attempting to disprove R. Slifkin's ideas. It is not R. Slifkin who is resurrecting this issue but his detractors who will not let it die.

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