Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Periodical: Kol Hamevaser 2:3

There is a new issue of Kol Hamevaser: The Jewish Thought Magazine of the Yeshiva University Student Body. The whole issue is available here: link.

  • Editorial: Torah as Tiflut? by Gilah Kletenik
  • Jewish Education and the Value of Truth by Yosef Lindell
  • Ramhal: Shakespearean Kabbalist? by Rena Wiesen
  • Toward the Development of an Effective Model for the Teaching of Gemara be-Iyyun by Max Shichtman
  • A Case for a Pluralistic Jewish Education by Marlon Danilewitz
  • Coeducation: le-ka-Tehilah or be-di-Avad? by Ruthie Just Braffman
  • Proximity and Distance: A Halakhic and Experiential Analysis of Rebbe-Talmid Interactions by Ephraim Meth
  • An Interview with Rabbi Yona Reiss by Alex Ozar
  • The Hovot ha-Levavot on the Educational Value of a Torah u-Madda Philosophy Over One of Torah u-Parnasah by Shlomo Zuckier
  • Women of Intellect: A New Reality? by Sarit Bendavid
  • Women's Talmud Torah: A Man's Perspective by Michael Kurin
  • Hinnukh in the Talmud and Rishonim by Meira Levinson
  • The Jewish Camping Experience by Daniel Elefant
  • Shiur Hadash, or a Case of Shiur Innovation by Ben Greenfield
  • An Interview with Rabbi Jeremy Wieder by Ari Lamm
  • Continuing the Conversation: From Midbar to Medabber by Nava Billet

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