Thursday, September 18, 2008

Audio Roundup XI

by Joel Rich

  • Rabbi H Schachter - Geirut: link

    Who ya gonna call – roofbusters (mrafsei Igra!) Lots of great insights into hilchot geirut (perhaps inspired by the presence of the moetzet benonei hatorah of the Vilna of Essex County).
    R’Yochanan (perhaps) was using midot Shehatorah nidreshet to create new d’oraita’s which mikan u’lhaba (Chazon Ish seems to hold this way) change our reality!
    We rarely follow precedent in halacha (mishnah brurah turned the whole world upside down).
    Kabbalat ol – we don’t tell them all but they must agree will accept others.
    What about chutz Ldavor echad? If it’s with “broken heart” (he accepts it but breaks it for own benefit)? In Europe accepted b’dieved.
    Some thoughts at the end about current personalities.

  • Allepo Codex - Rabbi Yossi Azose: link

    Just when it gets interesting, its cut off! Does Rose Mary Woods work for YU? Is a sefardi yotzeh with ashkenazi tfillin? (no) Is a sefardi yotzeh hearing kriah at a ashkenazi minyan? (yes) Is an ashkenazi yotzeh kriah from a sfardi sefer torah at a hotel where the majority of the minyan is ashkenazi????

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  • Dr. Ya'akov Elman - Resources in Biblical and Talmudic Literature: link

    Warning, Warning, Danger, Danger, Will Robinson! If you don’t want to be in proximity to outside the beit medrash thinking – read no further!
    Discussion of literary patterns in sugyot (e.g. rule of 3) explaining otherwise seemingly inconsistent Talmudic entries.
    Discussion of academia having its own issues and biases (but does that mean we ignore it?)
    Observation that when this shiur was given (which was quite a while ago and IMHO it’s gotten worse) frumkeit is suspicious of ambiguity (i.e. R’ Moshe’s Shiur for Kiddush is 4.42 ounces and 4.4197 won’t do)

  • Rabbi Yona Reiss - Sichos Mussar - Beginning of the Zman: link

    Lessons of the shofar of Elul for us as individuals and as a kahal. (Repent!)

  • Rabbi Z Sobolofsky - Checking Mezuzot in Elul: link

    Is checking when there is a miyut hamatzui a torah requirement lchatchila or not? How often do tfillin and mezuzot need to be inspected. Whether you check your mezuzot or not this Elul, remember to check your gut.

  • Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz - On the Topic of Mesira: link

    There’s a broad range of opinions on when secular authorities may be brought in to a case (e.g. hmmmm – child abuse – calling Dr. Twerski). He relates this to issue of Dina Dmalchuta Dina.

  • Gittin - Advanced Talmud - Rabbi H Schachter and Rabbi B Simon: link 1, link 2

    Rabbi Simon’s introduction to the mesechta of choice this year for the oldest and largest which enables and enobles. There’s a magid shiur available no matter what your taste. He focuses on bfanai nichtav.
    Rabbi Schachter discusses a number of issues including shtar rayah vs. shtar kinvyan.

  • Rabbi Yona Reiss - What Torah U'madda means to me: link

    Mussar at the YU Beit Medrash – too much cynicism, we need to be more positive. Describes some changes within the YU Limudei Kodesh programs. One thought from R’YBS that really hit home – fatalism vs. free choice is no contradiction – your early choices in life can have a strong influence (of course we need to try and overcome them – for example, can you imagine somebody who wasted his time at YU and spent much of his adult life trying to make it up).

  • Mrs. Nechama Price - History Repeats Itself - The Shevatim in Tanach: link

    Analysis of how the personalities of Jacob’s sons are seen in all their descendants mentioned in Tanach (here Reuvain and Yosef are the focus). She talks real fast (a woman after my own heart).

  • Rabbi Daniel Feldman - Perspectives Tzedaka and Chesed: link

    A good overview of priorities in the allocation of charity. Of particular interest is the question of whether the impact on the giver or recipient is primary. Also of interest is the concept of dai machsoro as a communal rather than individual obligation.

  • Rebbetzin Smadar Rosensweig - Teshuva, Tahara and Haftora: Preparing for the Yamim Noraim: link

    Lessons in Viduy and Tshuva from Tanach as illustrated in the haftorah of Shabbat shuva. (What – someone in Tanach had to do tshuva?)

  • Rabbi Y Kahn - Hilchot Yamim Noraim: link

    A discussion of slichot as a form of prayer (R’YBS) – most likely the classic b’eit tzarah (essence is 13 middot – with ashrei, kaddish titkabel and talit). It is similar to maamad har Sinai and the answer to the request of hareini kvodecha. The objective is to be lifnei hashem by Yom Kippur by breaking down the walls between us.

  • Prayers of the Yamim Noraim #01, by Rav Binyamin Tabory - Malkhuyot, Zikhronot and Shofarot: link

    First in a series.The Tosefta has a version which says imru implying the sayim of psukim is an important part of the process. Listen for the discussion of how a problem in Rashi is addressed in the academy versus in the beit medrash.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Laws of Yomim Noraim: link

    Practical Rabbinics for Rabbis. Discusses many issues including birchat kohanim, proper time to say Amen and getting people who need to, to fast on Yom Kippur. Mentions that nusach hatfila wasn’t written down because it was torah shebal peh. Repetition of hatara 3 times follows the cutting of the omer practice which was said 3 times in order to emphasize that the Tzadukim were wrong on the date.

  • Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky - Inyanei Pruzbul: link

    Everything you wanted to know about the source and scope of shmitat kesafim. When you employ a prozbol remember the original message – none of it is really yours!

  • Rabbi Yonason Sacks - Rabbinic Authority: Parameters and Limitations: link

    A Brisker analysis of Lo Tasur including differing understandings of the scope of Mitzvah Ishmoa Ldivrei Chachamim from R’Chaim and R’Shkop. One of my favorites – Tzar baalei chaim is “ratzon hatorah”!

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon - Hagdaras Nidah: link

    Introduction to hilchot nida. Here a discussion focused on hargasha (or lack thereof in our times) perhaps due to women being “busier” these days? In general you can’t go wrong with any of the smicha focused series if you want a real in-depth understanding. My suggestion is you try out different maggidei shiur from the archives (e.g. R’ Glickman, Simon, Schachter, Sobolofsky…) on any topic till you find one whose style and content match your needs.

  • Rabbi Y Spotts - Maharal: link

    First in a series on insights from the Maharal. Why no Nun in ashrei? It’s deeper than just the pasuk of nafla. Nun stands/falls by itself. We only exist/survive because of our relationship with hashem.

  • Rabbi Mordechai Willig - Grama: link

    Does a delay factor alone make it gramma? R’ Schachter says no, R’ Heinemann says yes (big issue for shabbat mode electronics). Israeli poskim allow gramma which works on either miniat hamonea or hamshachat hamatzav. All the detail you could want on gramma.

  • Mrs. Elana Stein Hain - High Holidays and World Religions#1 - Confession: link

    History of confession in Christian thought. There have been changes but primarily is reconciliation with Church (not sure how important this was to our understanding other than a contrast?) Then discussion of vidvi and tshuva. Is it vidui leads to tshuva, once you do tshuva we discuss what we did, or external vs. internal (R’YBS on Kiyum blev) or just enhancing our relationship with hashem.

  • Rabbi M Rosensweig - L'Dovid Hashem Ori: link

    Analysis of the connection between Lachatzot bnoam and bzot ani boteach. Everything we do as both tactical and strategic is towards Lachatzot and this defines our bitachon.

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