Thursday, September 04, 2008

Announcements #052: New Noraot HaRav & Maharal Podcast & 1st Issue of Stern Observer

The 16th volume of Noraot HaRav is now available in your local Jewish bookstore. It contains a translation of two Teshuvah Derashos delivered in 1965 and 1966, as well as an edited transcription of a Derashah about Yom Kippur delivered in 1972.

The Maharal Podcast

Give us 15 minutes, we'll give you the world -- of the Maharal.

Posted weekly, the Maharal Podcast examines themes in the works of the Maharal. Presented in clear, succinct English, the Maharal Podcast aims to elucidate the holy words of Rabbi Yehuda Loew — the Maharal. Do you have 15 minutes a week to spare? Then come join us as we delve into the profound universe of the Maharal.

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The Observer, Sunday, August 24, 2008
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  • Five Years at YU: Interview with President Joel
  • Perspectives on President Joel
  • Professor Profiles: Professor Miryam Brand
  • Empowered Jewish Women: Shayna Goldberg, Yoetzet Halakha
  • Hashkafa: Texts Play Formative Role in Student Outlook
  • Nefesh B'Nefesh Convention Blogs On (this blog is mentioned in the article)

  • New Curriculum to Shape SCW CORE and General Studies
  • The Power of Praying with Lior
  • ILCA Conference Reviewed: The Benefits of Nursing
  • Azrieli Initiative Bridges Grad School Innovation with Day Schools Nationwide
  • SCW English Department Expands Its Ranks
  • Compliance Hotline Promotes Campus Transparency
  • Judaic Studies Director Elected To Prestigious AAJR Society
  • New Chavrutot Program Pioneers at Lincoln Square Synagogue
  • YU Students Forge Emotional Connection with Israeli Teens
  • The Price of Loving Life: Reflections on an Unequal Exchange
  • Eradicating World Media Bias Against Israel
  • Liberated at the Liberace Museum
  • The Kooza Journey
  • The Search Committee Fails to Find the Truth
  • New Microscope "Sheds Light" Without a Lens
  • Stern in the Summer: Experiences in a Science Lab
  • Third Annual MES Conference: The Sanctity of Life

  • Editorials and Op-Ed
  • The Value of Respect
  • Halakhic Judaism
  • The Imperative of Economic Justice
  • Not Always as It Appears: Shomer Negiah, Culture, and YU
  • The Machine is Alive and Well
  • Flipping Out on the 21 Bus
  • YU: The Home For Which I've been Searching
  • Going Green for God: Jews and the Environment

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