Monday, August 18, 2008

New Publication: Derech HaTeva vol. 12 (2007-2008)

New issue of Derech HaTeva: A Journal of Torah and Science by Stern College students (link):

  • Making Man in Man's Image by Shira Apfel
  • Embryological Sex Determination in the Talmud and Modern Science by Dalia Barenboim
  • The Life You Save Could Be Yours... Or Your Child's: Scientific and Halakhic Approaches to Mandating the HPV Vaccine by Amanda Bier
  • To Test or Not to Test -- The BRCA Genes Explored by Nechama Citrin
  • Wine: Agent of Intoxication or Character Enhancer? by Jennifer Deluty
  • Busting the Myth of Jews with Horns by Esther Frederick
  • King Asa's Podiatric Condition by Sarah Ariella Hollander
  • The Eleventh Commandment: "Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew" by Dena Kapetansky
  • The Biblical Diet: Food for Thought by Sharon Kaufman
  • The Medical and Ethical Implications of Conjoined Twins by Chana Kosofsky
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  • Extraterrestrial Life in our Age by Emily J. Liebling
  • Smoking in Halacha by Adina Maik
  • Stem Cell Research: A Torah Perspective by Miriam Merzel
  • The Heart is Timeless (as are Heart Attacks) by Talia Miller
  • Sex Pre-Selection by Marina Pekar
  • Thoughts on the Ancestry of Ethiopian Jews by Tehilla Raviv
  • Religious Infertility by Shira Roszler
  • Biblical Images: Speech and Hearing Impediments in the Bible by Aviva Stroh
  • The eighth Month Non-Viable Fetus: The One Months Difference by Devorah Thaler
  • Vegetarianism: A Guide to a Perfect Body, Mind and Soul by Rachel Yamnik
  • Approaching the Infinite: An Intersection between Mathematics and Spirituality by Chava Zakharevich
  • Blod, Frogs, and Lice by Harvey Babish, Ph.D.

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