Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Buying Rubashkin V

A letter I sent yesterday to Ha'aretz. I can't tell from its website if the letter was published:

To the editor of Haaretz,

Ari Hart and Shmuly Yanklowitz wrote about their efforts in response to an immigration raid on the Agriprocessors plant (Repairing A Sacred Relationship, Aug. 9), actions for which I commend them. However, I was troubled by their unnecessary and inaccurate mention of the Orthodox Union's failure to confront the owners on these issues. The facts are to the contrary. In response to these developments, the Orthodox Union forced management to replace its CEO and install an expert on compliance to prevent any future problems of the type of which the company is accused (for which Hart and Yanklowitz bizarrely take credit). However, the Orthodox Union is waiting for the conclusion of a federal investigation into the accusations before taking punitive action against the company. I believe that this faithfully represents the ethical requirements of Jewish law regarding someone accused of a crime – reserve judgment until an investigation is concluded but protect potential victims in case the allegations are true. In both American and Jewish law, those accused of a crime have the right to a trial before being judged guilty. The Orthodox Union seems to me to be responsibly balancing that right with the obligations it has to other parties.

Gil Student
Brooklyn, NY

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