Thursday, August 07, 2008

Announcements #048: Tisha B'Av Kinot Online at with Rabbi Chaim Brovender

Our sages have taught us that one who grieves over the destruction of Jerusalem shall merit seeing its rebuilding. Join Rabbi Chaim Brovender in mourning over the exile, and studying about the meaning of the day - and may we all merit to see the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

On Tisha B'Av, this Sunday, August 10th, join Rabbi Brovender live, online at for an examination of Kinot (the lamentation poems recited on the Ninth of Av). This special event is FREE.

Rabbi Brovender will explain the themes of various Kinot, with a close examination of the text and ideas. What was the historical background of the Kinot? Who are the authors of the Kinot? What themes in the Kinot resonate in modern times?
Click here for more details on the program
During Tisha B'Av there will be two separate sessions learning the Kinot:

Israel time: 10:30am
London time: 8:30am
Melbourne time: 5:30pm

Israel time: 5:30pm
London time: 3:30pm
New York time: 10:30am
Los Angeles time: 7:30am

All texts and materials will be provided online by WebYeshiva.

For log-in instructions, click here

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